Shimara Kumara

Shimara’s light-working path spans over 30 years, during which time she has been a practitioner, healer, author, clairvoyant and visionary.

Co-creator of an enormous range of new flower and gem essences, with specific channelled guidance on each essence, and founder of the Eternal Light® Healing System.

Shimara has led pilgrimages to sacred sites and has opened new portals of light in ceremonies during the global anchoring of the new Christ Consciousness Grid.
Working in many war torn countries and with refugees, Shimara has helped people to heal their trauma using all her tools of light.

At a children’s clinic near Chernobyl, Shimara took the Eternal Light energies with amazing results, after the nuclear explosion there. See info and photo’s in the ‘Beyond Reiki – Eternal Light’ book.

Now head of a beautiful sanctuary and portal for the Ascended Masters in Devon, Shimara welcomes guests for healing retreats and workshops in a loving and restorative environment.

Shimara dedicates her life and work to the raising of consciousness of all humanity, that each person may find the true gifts within of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power held within the heart of all.

This is the gift of Heartsong, to strengthen the Three-Fold Flame held within the Heart Chakra, that all may be empowered to recognise the truth of who we really are, bringing more peace, love and joy to our lives, for the benefit of all humanity.