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Restoring TRUTH
Helps one express oneself clearly, from the heart.

15 ml

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From the mouths of babes……” A child will often speak pure, unadulterated truth, often at the expense of others feelings, simply because the child is pure, innocent & has nothing to hide. The child has not yet developed ulterior motives, hidden agendas, guile or the ability to lie. If you want to know exactly how things really are, ask a child. Gradually, however, the child will loose the power of that plain, straight talking as it realises that it is often not the way to gain peoples approval or love. The world has become used to emotional blackmail, manipulation & lies; it has become a part of life. Political parties get voted into government on the strength of what they profess to do when in power & then conveniently forget because it is no longer advantageous for them. Society’s values have become superficial, as we seem to have lost a lot of spiritual values like truth, honour & integrity.

As the child grows up blockages will form around the throat chakra & these patterns can become the causal factor for further problems in that area. This essence will help us to speak our truth, unafraid & coming from an open heart, the place of Unconditional Love. In this way the truth is harmful to none, everyone will know exactly how we feel, and we feel honest and in our integrity, our true, child-like self.

Keynotes: Helps one express oneself clearly, from the heart.

Indications: Withdrawn nature. Blocked throat chakra – cannot express feelings or emotions clearly. Often self conscious, may blush or stammer easily. May have much suppressed anger. May suffer from throat problems.

Positive qualities: Has no problem expressing oneself, or communicating one’s emotional needs, in the now, in a heart centred way. Becomes more spontaneous, joyful and more of an expression of one’s true self.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Throat and Heart chakras.

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