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Helps to release irritation and develop more patience.

15 ml

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Product Description

Patience is a virtue we all need to acquire or develop. In this hurrying world we live in we often feel there is no time to do the things we would like to do, & we can feel pressurised by others to pack as much as possible into each day. In truth, we have forgotten that time does not really exist & that it is man-made, an invention which has enslaved us. Learning to live by the natural rhythms of Mother Earth is one way to help develop a ‘timeless nature’. Impatience leads to nervous tension, makes our body rigid, our muscles tense, gives us indigestion & an angry or snappy nature. These patterns we choose to work with help lead us back to a true recognition of the meaning of time. As with most Inner Child patterns, they can become more extreme as we grow older & only then, through the stress we create for ourselves, do we start to recognise the cause & work with it.

Recognising when we are impatient is an important step towards changing. Waiting in a queue or traffic jam, or for a friend who is late can make us very wound up & angry; as can watching someone who seems very slow & wanting to take over their work to finish it more quickly. Eating our meals too quickly, driving too fast & wanting everything done ‘right now’ are all signs that we have lost our inherent, natural stillness. As we become more patient, our minds & bodies become relaxed & our pace of life seems to slow down. Making ‘time’ to meditate each day helps our mind to stop racing & more of our spiritual nature to develop. Stillness Essence helps develop more patience with ourselves and those around us. We then find that we have more time for everything.

Keynotes: Helps to release irritation and develop more patience.

Indications: Impatient. May be easily irritated by the shortcomings of others. Fears there will never be enough ‘time’. Inner tension, cannot switch off or slow down. May feel frustrated and suffer from nervous complaints.

Positive qualities: Perfect patience and tolerance. Timeless nature. Gets things done, yet knows when to stop and always seems to have even more free time.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Sacral, Solar plexus, Heart and Base chakras. Releases fear and tension from the emotional and mental bodies.

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