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Integrating SOUL GIFTS
Helps infuse more Divine Soul Qualities into one’s daily life.

15 ml

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This essence is one which helps us to remember our Soul Gifts. These are the Divine Attributes which we carry within our akashic record, or Soul memory. During previous lifetimes we have developed genuine talents which are many and varied, depending on our own particular soul journey. Each of us has chosen to learn about Unconditional Love through a different stream of conscious living, choosing to learn through fear, guilt or other ego patterns As these are overcome, so we develop joy, peace, balance and many more wonderful qualities. We also develop talents such as musicianship, artistry, knowledge of plants, and anything else you care to imagine. The ability to communicate with Angels or to be really good at making things with ones hands for instance, are often the memories flooding through from previous incarnations. Most of us have not even begun to access these treasures held in the secret recesses of our Soul. This essence will help to bring through these Divine Accomplishments into our consciousness that we may utilise them now on our Divine Path for the joy and benefit of others and ourselves. This essence is best used in conjunction with meditation.

Keynotes: Helps infuse more Divine Soul Qualities into one’s daily life.

Indications: Deep inner knowing that one has ‘untapped’ talents & creative gifts. May feel lacking in certain areas, at odds with one’s inner feelings.

Positive qualities: Enriches and inspires life through increased contact with one’s Soul and Divine Abilities. Feels more joy and finds it easier to go within for guidance. Manifests one’s creative and artistic inspiration.

Chakras and subtle bodies: Crown, Brow, Heart and lower chakras. Attunes Causal body to release hidden creativity and artistic talents from past lives.

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