New Zealand Native Flower Essence



Calms & Clears Restless Thoughts and
Anxieties Going Round and Round

Product Description

Contents: Energised Spring Water, Organic Alcohol. 15% bva. 30ml.

Vibrational Frequencies:
South Island Akeake Tree Daisy – Unravels Obsessive and Repetitive Thought Patterns. Promotes Clear and Calm Clarity of Mind, Clarity of Thought.
Rengarenga – Releases & Clears Shock, Works at a Karmic Level, Brings More Inner Peace.
Remu-Remu – Releases Anxieties and the Stress/Tension/Havoc These Cause.
Mountain Pink Pine – Calms Emotional Body.
Manawa – For Emotional Security & ‘Protection’, When Overly Emotional, Tearful or Distressed.
NZ Shore Primrose, Maakoako – For Restlessness and Tension. De-Stresses. Promotes Inner Stillness.

Dosage: Take 7 drops under the tongue, or in a small glass of water, 4 hours before bed, then 2 hours before bed, then just as you go to sleep/bed. If still restless or waking up, then 7 more drops in water & sip. Use daily, finish bottle & review.

N.B. Sleep Essence does not promote drowsiness. Rather it assists in clearing away the underlying, causal patterns above. Like our other Essences, it is necessary to use daily, finish bottle & review.

Take away from food. Essences will not interfere with any other treatment.