Inner Child Essence Shimara Simplicity



To transform an overly logical, left-brained and confused mind.

15 ml

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Product Description

In today’s society a child is taught at school that it is best to become intellectual and there is a strong focus on the need to be able to achieve academically. Not only is this pressure very stressful for a child, it can also make us too mental in our approach to life. We can then easily lose our connection to the natural world, our instincts, feelings and intuition. When this happens, our left brain, the masculine, rational, intellectual side, becomes too stimulated and overloaded, creating stress, headaches and the inability to relax. Our natural state is one of balance, using all the attributes of the right brain, feminine, creative, intuitive and receptive also. As we start to use the feminine side of our nature more, we start to see that everything becomes much easier and that often the simplest ideas and ways of doing things are the best. Ideally, we would be working with a perfect balance of left/right brain, both sides in harmony & complimenting each other perfectly.

When we were told in the bible that we need to “become as simple as little children to enter the kingdom of Heaven” it did not mean that we become stupid or silly, but that we need to release our need to complicate things and retain that wonderful simplicity and openness of the child. To do this we also need to release our ego’s pride and feelings of superiority as we humbly acknowledge our position as a child of Mother-Father God here in Divine Service to our fellow man and equal to all other beings on this dear Earth. This essence helps us to return, in all humility, to the uncomplicated child that we once were.

Keynotes: To transform an overly logical, left-brained and confused mind.

Indications: Very mental in approach to life. Always complicates by trying to work everything out in a rational, logical, intellectual way. Blocked intuition; lacks faith & trust as finds it difficult to see things from a wider, more inclusive perspective.

Positive qualities: Uncomplicated, balanced intuition. Life flows with ease as one develops greater ability to feel, trust, sense or simply ‘know’ what is right in any given situation, without having to ‘work it all out’.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Aligns the subtle bodies and spiritualises the intellect, facilitating more intuitive understanding. Balances the intuitive & logical nature. Crown, Brow, Heart & Higher Heart Chakras.

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