Inner Child Essence Shimara Self Worth

Self Worth


Developing SELF WORTH
For loving and valuing ourselves Unconditionally.

15 ml

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Self worth equates with honouring who we really are and our true value to others, the world and ourselves. When we truly value our existence and our unique individual qualities, we are able to be an expression of the Divine here on Mother Earth. It is then easier to become confident and to achieve that which we came here to do. When we feel worthy and good enough there is no need to strive for success of any form as it will come easily and quite naturally from our good opinion & emotional honesty of who we really are, and unconditional love for our TRUE SELF. The associated thoughts will be that we can do anything which we feel guided from the heart to do, and in the completion of that work will come such deep satisfaction, appreciation of our life and our innate, natural gifts. This is a completely different, spiritual approach to that of the ego of those lacking self worth. Then, the ego’s voice will urge us to strive, overwork and torture ourselves to achieve, to gain more wealth, and all the external expressions of money or fame. Life then becomes a treadmill as we become a slave to the ego driven by a subconscious lack of self worth. As we take this essence and develop more Self-Worth, this divine quality helps us become more of who we really are, easily and effortlessly.

Keynotes: For loving and valuing ourselves Unconditionally.

Indications: Self dislike, damaged self image or low self esteem. Feels unworthy, beats oneself up for not being ‘good enough’. May strive to achieve or overwork to prove oneself and compensate for inner lack of self worth.

Positive qualities: Values oneself, one’s time, one’s unique gifts and talents fully. No inner need to ‘prove’ one’s worth or ability, to punish oneself or to compare oneself with others.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful effect on the Heart, also clearing misqualified energies from the Sacral and Solar plexus chakras.

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