Inner Child Essence Shimara Release



Cutting Ties  RELEASE
Helps to ‘let go’ of emotional cords, attachments and neediness.

15 ml

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Product Description

With this essence we are working on releasing emotional neediness and the energies that generate them. These patterns affect almost all humanity, as we learn to raise the energy of what is commonly known as ‘love’, on Earth, from the Solar-plexus to the Heart Chakra. This creates a higher frequency of love, known as Unconditional Love, in which emotional neediness does not exist. Archetypes calling for this essence are the ‘needy child’ and ‘needy mother’, although it is helpful and necessary for all of us to release emotional ties with others. For that is what happens, on an emotional level, as through our neediness we create etheric cords/ties to others.

Our Inner Child is crying out for attention and at a subconscious level is needing love. This need creates the subtle, yet powerful connections to others, usually creating an etheric link, through our thoughts, at the Solar-plexus chakra. In the extreme state we can drain the energy of others, and they too can drain us. Letting go of emotional neediness and attachments, even to those closest to us is deep transformation for the Inner Child on all levels and one of the most powerful things we can do. We then start to develop more emotional detachment and are able to stand in our own energy field in a more balanced and unconditionally loving state.

Keynotes: Helps to ‘let go’ of emotional cords, attachments and neediness.

Indications: Cannot let go of people, situations or events. Emotionally insecure, requires attention or to feel needed. Can at times be very conditional or contrary. Over emotional, easily feels hurt and sorry for oneself .

Positive qualities: Stands in one’s own energy. More emotionally complete and balanced. Starts to feel and experience more Unconditional Love.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful Strengthening and balancing effect on the Solar plexus chakra, releasing etheric ties and cords, so that balanced energy may more easily raise up to the Heart.

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