New Zealand Native Flower Essence



To Unwind and Release Tension

Product Description

Contents: Energised Spring Water, Organic Alcohol. 15% bva. 30ml.

Vibrational Frequencies:
Alpine Donatia – Restores Inner Peace
Haumakaroa – Eases Tension Throat Chakra Upper Back
Kawakawa – Eases Tension Heart Chakra Upper Back
Trailing Kumerahou – Eases Sacral Chakra Stress
Rahurahu Korus – Eases Internal Sacral Tension
Tree Fern Korus – Balances Energy in Lower Chakras
Maakoako – De-Stresses & Promotes Stillness
Red Pirirangi – Calms Hyperactive States
Waewae Koukou – Calms Restlessness

Dosage: 7 drops, under the tongue, or in a small glass of water, 4-5 x daily, finish bottle & review.

Helps release etheric patterns causing tension, so you can more easily relax yet remain alert.

Alternatively take 3-4 x in the evenings to unwind – again finish bottle & review.

This multi-purpose Essence assists with general tension. For more emotionally related issues, see our other Deep-Acting Essences.

Take away from food. Essences will not interfere with any other treatment.