Inner Child Essence Shimara Relate



Transforming the Way we RELATE
Helps one communicate with others in a more open and honest way.

15 ml

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Product Description

This combination of essences helps to bring a raise in consciousness. This will then help us to have more understanding, at a deeper level than before, of situations in childhood, and particularly our own emotional re-actions, which were developed as mechanisms for the child’s survival. As an example, if the child was denied a fathers love, that child may have reacted by always trying to please him in order to win his love. The child may have then grown up with this pattern, then projected it onto men in general, and will always be trying to win their approval. This can be at great detriment to their own personality development and creative growth. They will then continue to draw to them in all relationships with men, those who would abuse them or bully them, subjugating the person’s own needs to second place. Until, that is, the pattern is recognised, worked on and changed. Then we no longer attract dysfunctional relationships and open the door to more harmony. This is just one example of the many re-actions and emotional responses we develop in childhood, which may later need to be brought into the light for transformation.

Keynotes: Helps one communicate with others in a more open and honest way.

Indications: Difficulty expressing one’s true thoughts and feelings. Tendency to relate to others based on past preconceptions, or a need for approval. Suppressed anger or frustration through inability to express or be one’s true self in the presence of others. May have colds, coughs or throat problems.

Positive qualities: Is more one’s true self, relating openly and honestly from the heart, in the now – without an overriding need to please, requiring approval or feeling nervous

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Heart, Throat and Solar plexus chakras.

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