New Zealand native flower essence



Rejuvenate & Renew

This combination enhances the etheric body’s blueprints for well-being, augmenting our natural ability for etheric-cellular renewal. Good as an all-round Well-Being Tonic or Tune-Up and also excellent for any kind of Convalescence or Recovery.

Like Purify Essence, Rejuva assists our etheric blueprint patterns to function more optimally, in this case, so we are less affected by all the free-radical/environmental stresses that disrupt and interfere with renewal.

Product Description

Contents: Energised Spring Water, Organic Alcohol. 15% bva. 30ml.

Flower & Gem Essence Combination assisting Etheric-Cellular Renewal.

Vibrational Frequencies of:
Mtn Brachyglottis Viridis, Trailing Northland Fuchsia, Mingimingi, Nikau Palm, Pukanui,
Red Raoulia, Rengarenga, Taurepo. Kauri Amber* Far North. Gold in Quartz* Aorere Valley

Dosage: 7 drops in a glass of pure water 3-4 times daily, finish bottle & review.