New Zealand Native Flower Essence



To Detox & Purify

We are exposed to so many pollutants daily; e.g. pesticides, heavy metals, petrochemicals, intentional fluoride-chlorine & other toxic residues in town water supplies; hormone disrupting pthalates/synthetic fragrances/cosmetics; alumina-fluoride toothpastes, fire retardant chemicals in home furnishings, toxic GM food – the list goes on.

While the body has a certain resilience and can cope with a degree of toxicity, incremental toxic build-up can, over time, over-load our natural defences – severely compromising health + contributing to accelerated ageing.

Product Description

Contents: Energised Spring Water, Organic Alcohol. 15% bva. 30ml.

Flower & Gem Essence Combination assisting Etheric-Cellular Cleansing.

Vibrational Frequencies:
Maori Calceolaria, Inanga, Kumerahou, Makamaka, Mingimingi, Pinatoro, Red Raoulia, Tawhirikaro. Amethyst* Coromandel. Cinnabar Quartz* Westland.

Dosage: 7 drops in a glass of pure water 3-4 x daily, finish bottle & review.

Take away from food. Essences will not interfere with any other treatment.