Inner Child Essence Shimara Protected



For over-sensitivity to the environment and energies of others.

15 ml

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Product Description

At those times when we feel utterly vulnerable to both the energies of others and the environment around us, this essence will help us to feel much more protected and less open to outside influences. The need to feel more protection often stems from childhood where there has been abuse of one kind or another. Also there are individuals who, having entered this lifetime with increased sensitivity, or as a first life on this sacred planet, will feel the need for this essence. Those who have chosen to incarnate to work with healing and psychic gifts are not called ‘sensitives’ for nothing.

It is our heightened sensitivity which, when balanced, allows us the privilege of feeling and working with higher energies, instinctively feeling the needs of others, tuning in for essences or sensing the subtle energies of ley lines and Mother Earth herself. This essence will help to give us a stronger and more balanced Solar-plexus chakra (the lower psychic centre), creating a shield of protection around this vulnerable emotional centre, & building up a stronger auric field so that any “negative” energies or thought patterns encountered may simply bounce off the subtle bodies, no longer penetrating the emotional senses. This does not mean you will be unaware of them with your thoughts, but you will be able to feel more compassion as they no longer affect you emotionally. This gives you the space to open your heart more, for when this higher centre is fully open the Unconditional Love in your heart allows you to feel your vulnerability without fear. As it says in the Course in Miracles: “Vulnerability is Perfect Protection”.

Keynotes: For over-sensitivity to the environment and energies of others.

Indications: Feels vulnerable in crowded situations. Adversely affected by the emotional energies of others. Picks up too much on how others are feeling. Often becomes overwhelmed and drained of energy.

Positive qualities: Balanced sensitivity. Can empathise with others without getting drained or corded in emotionally. Does not feel vulnerable in crowded, oppressive or discordant environments.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful strengthening and balancing effect on the Solar plexus chakra. Strengthens the auric field to repel dense, lower vibrations and thought-forms.

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