Inner Child Essence Shimara Prosperity



To transform ‘poverty consciousness’ into Divine Abundance.

15 ml

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Product Description

Prosperity means to ‘have plenty of’, this is also a state called Divine Abundance. Some people are born with a natural form of this divine energy, regardless of their childhood circumstances. We all know someone like this, who leads a charmed life, with good things always happening to them, and their needs always being met. This is often because of the good karma which has been accrued from past lives. To reach this divine state we need to release poverty consciousness and the thoughts which tell us that we will never have enough. Often these patterns have been developed in childhood, usually where the child has chosen to incarnate in a poor family where there is never enough money, so that we may work on these patterns for the growth of our soul. We also need to feel deserving.

In our natural, connected state we know that Mother/Father God wants us to have everything we need, as a pure expression of the Divine on Earth. It is our own thoughts and feelings that block this channel of energy, for it is not just money, but all good things that make life worth living – loving relationships, creative fulfilling work, healthy food and a harmonious place to live. This essence is helping to break up these negative thought and emotional patterns so that more abundance can flow in our lives and we learn to prosper.

Keynotes: To transform ‘poverty consciousness’ into Divine Abundance.

Indications: Feelings of lack and that there will ‘never be enough’. However much one has, the lingering fear remains, consequently often hoards things, blocking the flow of abundance. These feelings of lack, of being undeserving permeate all aspects of one’s life affecting all relationships with others.

Positive qualities: Divine Abundance flows in all aspects of one’s life. Trust in the Universe to supply all one’s needs when following one’s Divine Path.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Solar plexus, Heart, Base and Brow chakras. Opens up higher channels, for more creative insight and manifestation.

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