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Releasing Trauma PEACE
To gently release and transform all types of shock and trauma.

15 ml

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Product Description

During childhood there can be many incidents, which create shocks through all dimensions of our being, leaving us emotionally, mentally or physically disturbed. Any kind of trauma in early years will cause a ripple effect which continues to affect us throughout the rest of our life, until it is released. Besides the obvious ones such as death of a parent or close friend, cruel treatment, sexual abuse or involvement in wars or violence, there are other issues which in comparison may seem insignificant but which can also have a very strong effect on the young mind. Abuse at school by teachers or peers can shatter our confidence for life, as can the divorce of parents, or moving house & leaving ones friends behind & having to adjust to new schools. To a child these are all major issues but often the emotional responses to these are suppressed at the time for various reasons, only to haunt us later in life as subconscious patterns. All these and more will continue to disturb our inner peace until they are brought to the light for transformation.

This essence will help to do just that and more. Be prepared for memories from childhood or the resulting thought patterns and emotions to come into your consciousness, to be gently released and transmuted. This process can often happen in our sleep if it would be too traumatic to deal with consciously. Ask the Angels and your Higher Self to help you with this if necessary. This is can be a radiant transformation for the inner child on all levels.

Keynotes: To gently release and transform all types of shock and trauma.

Indications: Shadows cloud one’s true radiance. Undermined confidence. Feeling numb or frozen inside, as if in a state of ‘suspended animation’.

Positive qualities: Unshakeable inner peace. Courage to look at and release any shock or trauma as it happens, and also from the past, rather than shutting down one’s emotional responses through fear.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Mainly Solar plexus and Heart chakras. Also releases shocks and trauma that get ‘stuck’ in the subtle bodies.

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