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Transforming OBSESSIONS
To transform obsessive or compulsive behaviour patterns.

15 ml

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Product Description

Obsessions and addictive tendencies can cause many problems in life and much sorrow. These patterns may be issues we have come in to this life to work on, which are then brought into consciousness by parents who display them. The father who goes out to drink most nights may pass the idea to the child that this is accepted behaviour (especially when the mother complies) and this may give them alcoholic tendencies when they grow up; although it may sometimes give the opposite – a strong aversion. The same applies to smoking, excessive or unhealthy food intake, drugs or sexual issues; and all the more subtle patterns.

Obsessional patterns are usually karmic in origin, and again we may choose the exact parents who will amplify or trigger these energies, so we may later work on and clear them, for the growth of our soul. Obsessions in their most extreme form can be seen in stalkers who follow famous people around and may wish to do them harm. In a more minor form, the obsession becomes all the mind wants to focus on, to the exclusion of all else. In a sense, it is another kind of escapism from normal life, and not wishing to be fully present, whether the person is obsessed by books, crystals, sex or anything else. Most of us have obsessions and addictions of one kind or another. Often they are rather more subtle; we can be addicted to always being right, or to diets, to travelling or any of a thousand other patterns. This essence will help release our trapped thoughts & emotional energies, to help us to become a more balanced and happy person.

Keynotes: To transform obsessive or compulsive behaviour patterns.

Indications: Focuses on one thing, to the exclusion of all else – cannot see a wider picture. Self-gratification or addictive behaviour that perpetuates itself as that part of one’s consciousness gets stuck in the lower astral levels.

Positive qualities: Healthy interest in many things, yet the ability to detach & let go – thus seeing their value within a wider, more inclusive perspective.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Transforms stuck energies from the Sacral and Solar plexus chakras, so that they may more easily move up the Heart. Helps clear obsessive thought-forms from the astral & mental bodies.

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