Inner Child Essence Shimara Moving Forward

Moving Forward


For feelings of being stuck in a rut, unable to move on.

15 ml

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Product Description

There are many times in our life where we feel stuck and unable to move forward. On our path of transformation as we work on ourselves, consciously releasing patterns that no longer serve our Highest Divine Good, we feel happier and experience more joy in life as we are changing. We often experience a time of peace as our vibrational frequencies are raised to higher levels, giving us an expanded consciousness, as we need time to assimilate our new energies before our higher-self once again releases old or subconscious patterns to work on. This time period is like a plateau, or levelling out point. It is often at this time that we start to feel stuck, especially when old patterns start to rear their heads and we think “Oh no, I thought I had dealt with that issue!”. We may feel frustrated, angry or depressed even though we fully realise that there are many layers to each of our personality issues, and that these can only be cleared a layer at a time, as we move deeper and deeper to the heart of the pattern for transformation at soul level. At other times we may just get a feeling that it is time for change, time to move on to something new in some area of our life. Moving Forward is the essence of choice for these often difficult periods in life.

Keynotes: For feelings of being stuck in a rut, unable to move on.

Indications: Not knowing where to go or what to do next. Keeps repeating the same patterns or mistakes. Needs change, but unable to move out of the comfort of one’s ‘security zone’ through fear or inertia.

Positive qualities: Manifests one’s visions. Enjoys change, takes new challenges in one’s stride. Awareness and acceptance that one needs to fully work through any issue to avoid getting ‘stuck’ and repeating the same scenarios.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: All chakras, though most noticeably the Solar plexus, then Base, Sacral and Heart.

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