Inner Child Essence Shimara Mother Earth

Mother Earth


Connecting with MOTHER EARTH
Ungroundedness through fears related to being here on Earth.

15 ml

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Held in the memory banks of our Inner Child is often an awareness of being on the earth plane during times of her transition and shock. Memories of being involved in earthquakes, tidal waves, erupting volcanoes, wars and bombings are just some of the energies released and transmuted by this essence. These memories may be held in the very deep subconscious as patterns from past lives, societies fears that we may have adopted as our own, or even from this life. All these energies create fear of being on Mother Earth and feelings that it is unsafe to be in a physical body. It is most important that we all learn to be happy in our sweet body, knowing it to be the sacred vehicle we have chosen to help bring love and light to Mother Earth and all humanity. This essence helps us to feel safe and nurtured by Mother Earth on our Divine Path, essential to our well-being.

Keynotes: Ungroundedness through fears related to being here on Earth.

Indications: Anxieties and fears often related to the wild, seemingly untameable & capricious aspects of Mother Nature. Constantly insecure as unconsciously perceives the whole world as a very unsafe place to be. Possibly spaced out, with many ‘accidents’.

Positive qualities: Feels confident and secure in all situations however alarming they may outwardly appear. Knows that all is in Divine Order. Enjoys being out in Mother Nature, feels very connected to Mother Earth. Fully present and grounded.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Base chakra, etheric blueprint of legs and feet. Transforms fears and anxieties held at Sacral, Solar plexus and Heart. Helps bring balance to past-life memories through strengthening the Astral body.

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