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Developing Divine LOVE
To develop more Unconditional or Divine Love.

15 ml

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Product Description

This beautiful essence helps to expand the Divine Love nature. Our natural way of being is one of Unconditional Love for all, as seen expressed through a small child who simply loves everyone and everything. This child sees no difference between people, animals, flowers, stones or even the very soil of Mother Earth as the love is felt for all of God’s creations. As the human state progresses this purest and highest heart energy may become suppressed, blocked or simply distorted.

Most of humanity at this present time on Earth are operating from a base of fear. Over aeons of time this has lowered the frequency of pure, Unconditional Love emanating from an open heart to a denser vibration of conditional love which is more selfish in nature and is based at the solar plexus. Most people are completely unaware of this and think that the love they feel for those closest to them is all that there is. This lower, distorted form of love, however, usually has many conditions attached to it, albeit subconsciously, and is a slave to the negative ego aspects of fear, greed, power and the need to manipulate others. This creates subtle emotional and mental ties and cords to others, which can be seen or felt in the aura, and which effectively keep others enslaved, disempowered or lacking in energy, for as long as the other person allows the game to go on.

As we raise our levels of consciousness to the heart so we also raise our love nature to that of pure, Divine Love. This releases us from all lower self ties and we can simply and lovingly refuse to get involved with anything less than perfect love, thus giving an opportunity for everyone around us to change.

This supreme essence works very gently to expand the Divine Love already held within the heart of our inner child, waiting patiently until such time as we are willing and able to feel and experience Love again.

Keynotes: To develop more Unconditional or Divine Love.

Indications: Too hard-hearted or unloving, possibly due to past emotional hurts and wounds. Puts conditions on ‘love’ with many demands, cords and ties, or attachments.

Positive qualities: Unconditionally Loving – without conditions.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerfully opens the Heart chakra. Helps transform ‘conditional love’ at the Solar plexus, so that it may more easily move up to be expressed Unconditionally at the Heart.

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