Inner Child Essence Shimara Innocence



Transforms all feelings of guilt and uncleanliness.

15 ml

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Product Description

The innocence held in a baby’s beautiful face and eyes is held in the vibrational frequency of this essence and that quality is expanded by its use. In that innocence of a young child there is no sense of being wrong as embarrassment, shame and guilt feelings have not yet been developed. The child is pure and naturally unselfconscious in thoughts and actions and there is no part of it’s mind or body which is not an aspect of the Divine. As the child grows it may be taught that its own body, natural bodily functions or sexual organs are somehow dirty and something to be ashamed of, which can then generate a lot of guilt held as a deep subconscious pattern. This will then hinder not just the development of a truly loving and balanced sexual relationship with future partners but will also cause a lack of self love, leading to abuse of the sacred body through possible addictions to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, food or sex.

On a subtle level the sacral chakra becomes blocked, over-active and dysfunctional which may eventually create some form of physical problem in the areas related to this chakra. If feelings of un-cleanliness or self-disgust are very strong they may even manifest as skin problems, such as acne or eczema. This is a way for our spirit to show us and the world how we feel about ourselves in the hope that we may change our thoughts, emotional responses and aspects of our lifestyle which may be the underlying cause of these toxins being released from our body. This Divine Innocence essence helps release these and many other guilt patterns, giving a return to the purity of self, the true Divine Nature.

Keynotes: Transforms all feelings of guilt and uncleanliness.

Indications: Self-dislike, self-disgust & all feelings of guilt & uncleanliness, especially over issues relating to sexual expression and intimacy.

Positive qualities: Engenders feelings of purity, innocence and self-love. It becomes easier to have pure and innocent thoughts, and to forgive oneself, releasing guilt.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Mainly Sacral, Solar plexus and Heart chakras. Clears the tenacious vibrations of guilt from the aura and subtle bodies.

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