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Inner Child Cards


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40 Inner Child Cards
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Healing the Past to Create a New Future.

Healing the Inner Child is one of the most empowering things we can do for our emotional wellbeing, which promotes a raising of consciousness, higher understandings of one’s own childhood and most importantly a clearing of deep emotional hurts and imbalances. As we release fear, lack of self worth, guilt and a myriad of other ego patterns, so we start to heal our inner child, that we may experience more joy, peace and love in our hearts and lives. This leads to a transformation of our life and more harmonious, loving relationships as we create a new reality.

This book contains full information on working with the Sacred Inner Child Cards, Affirmations and Inner Child Flower & Gem Essences. All of these tools of light are a gift from the Ascended Realms, that we may reveal to the world more of the radiance of our true self and open up our hearts to feel more Unconditional Love and for powerful healing at a deep emotional and soul level.