Inner Child Essence Shimara Humility



Restoring HUMILITY
To transform inner or subconscious feelings of pride, superiority and separation from others.

15 ml

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Product Description

True humility shows a deep inner knowing of the Oneness of all life. It is a reflection of knowing from the heart, not just the head, that all mankind are in fact One. “What you do unto my brother, you do unto me” expresses this level of consciousness exactly. Ultimately we realise that all humanity is just one family and that on other dimensions each of us is connected at subtle levels with each other. Therefore all the energies, both positive & negative, that we see in others, is simply a reflection of some part of our own consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not.

While we are all unique individuals, the paradox is that none of us are separate from the whole. Therefore no-one is better or more superior than another, one only has different life experiences or knowledge. The way the personality expresses that realisation gives a clue as to how spiritually evolved they actually are. A humble person will share their help, skills or knowledge with others, without seeming to come from a more advanced or better level. They show no distinction between a beggar and a king, for they themselves know that they could be either. They share their love and light in humble, Divine Service to others. This Essence helps to change our consciousness that we may act with more humility.

Keynotes: To transform inner or subconscious feelings of pride, superiority and separation from others.

Indications: Too proud and aloof, finds it difficult to truly empathise and connect emotionally with others due to fears and barriers around the heart. Personal relationships that do not develop a truly loving expression.

Positive qualities: Ability to fully integrate with and relate to others in a truly heart centred way, without fears of ‘over-involvement’, creating emotional cords, or losing one’s own identity. Becoming more human.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerfully opens the Heart chakra, clearing self-imposed barriers in the aura around the heart. Also helps balance associated over-sensitivity and fears at the Solar plexus and Base chakras.

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