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Heavenly Body Cream


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Our light Organic Moisturising Face and Body Cream, is absorbed by the skin in seconds, leaving a silky soft feeling. Combined with the purest Jasmine and Rose essential oils to perfume and condition, we have also added our own Unique Rejuvenating High-vibrational Blend of 22 Flower and Gem Essences in combination, all of which help to Rejuvenate Etherically at a Deep Cellular Level. A delight to use on the face, hands or as a gener al skin and body cream. Helps one to feel totally cherished and more loving of One’s Unique Heavenly Body.

To delight the Senses and Enrich the Sacred Temple of your body

Moisturising, nourishing face cream, can also be used as a hand and body lotion. Contains unique high-vibrational flower and gem essences that help rejuvenate the Etheric Blueprint of the skin at a deep cellular level. Perfumed with exotic and rejuvenating essential oils. No lanolin or mineral oils. A purer, organic, animal-friendly alternative to regular moisturisers with the added benefit of flower and gem essences in a powerful combination. Minimum 75% Organic ingredients with UKSA approved preservatives ~ Made with Love.