Inner Child Essence Shimara Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel


Helps one to connect more with one’s Guardian Angel, Higher Self and the Divine Realms.

15 ml

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Product Description

Each of us is assigned a Guardian Angel to help us link into our inherent spiritual nature and connection with our Divine Light. This Angelic Being is drawn close to us at our birth, and the link is forged then, to continue through this lifetime, and afterwards, to help us in many other incarnations. Those of a sensitive nature may be aware of the presence of this angel, which represents our own Angelic inner self, especially during moments of stillness or during meditation. We may even learn how to communicate with this Divine Presence to receive help, healing or clear guidance on our path. This is always given for our Highest Divine Good as the purpose of the guardian angel is to give us spiritual help and sustenance whenever it is needed.

The Angelic Realms, as a whole, have never incarnated here on Earth, choosing instead to help & support humanity from the higher spiritual dimensions. We, in our physical density, eventually realise the need to make contact with these finer, more harmonious vibrations, so that we may incorporate more of our spiritual nature into our lives. This takes dedication to bring more stillness, silence and meditation into our everyday life, as only then can we learn to feel the presence of our Guardian Angel. Only then can these finer frequencies attune themselves to our rising consciousness and form a stronger link. The Guardian Angel Essence helps with this connection, to make it stronger, that we may more consciously connect to the Divine.

Keynotes: Helps one to connect more with one’s Guardian Angel, Higher Self and the Divine Realms.

Indications: To forge a stronger link with one’s spiritual path, spiritual self and soul for increased clarity and purpose in life. Helps develop more faith and understanding in the Angelic Realms that continually surround and support us.

Positive qualities: Feels inspired and connected to one’s higher self through gentle support, protection and guidance from one’s Guardian Angel.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Crown, Heart and Brow chakras.

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