Inner Child Essence Shimara Grief



Transforming GRIEF
For transmuting deep-rooted or recent grief and emotional loss.

15 ml

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Product Description

This essence works powerfully at an emotional level, releasing and transmuting grief in all its forms. While it is working on the recent grief of loss of loved ones through death, divorce and other more subtle forms of loss such as home, work or pets for instance, this essence has the unique ability to work at even deeper levels. When we lose someone very close to us in childhood, especially a mother or father, the severe emotional impact of this profoundly affects the whole of our life. The grief we feel at that loss, whether through death, divorce of parents, and especially adopted children who never knew their real parents, is usually unexpressed at the time, either through shock, or other family members encouraging us to put a brave face on, not to cry or even discuss what has happened.

This unexpressed grief then gets pushed down gradually until it becomes a dull ache in the heart and creates much subconscious fear. If these feelings and issues are not worked on, eventually that blocked heart chakra at a subtle level may lead to a more physical expression, if these many promptings to change the underlying causes are not heeded. When we have a spiritual understanding of the eternal life of the soul, death can become a celebration of the gift of life that person has given us and the world – but even then we must acknowledge our grief, which is often sadness for our own loss and the fact that we will never see that person again in a physical form in this life and allow ourselves to indulge in these feelings fully; for only then can they be transmuted through an open and loving heart. The love that existed between you can never die and they will always live on, both in the higher planes of existence and also in your heart.

Keynotes: For transmuting deep-rooted or recent grief and emotional loss.

Indications: Deep feelings of sadness and loss, often after death of a loved one. Feels inconsolable and despondent. Emotional emptiness. Self pity.

Positive qualities: More love & understanding of the transient nature of life and yet more awareness of the eternal nature of the soul & spirit. More joy as one realises and feels that, ultimately, one only grieves for one’s own loss.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful effect on Heart chakra and etheric lungs. Helps to raise and transform stuck energy at Solar-plexus, Heart and Throat

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