Inner Child Essence Shimara Gratitude



Developing GRATITUDE
To transform any feelings of ungratefulness or resentment.

15 ml

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Gratitude, like forgiving, stems from an open Heart chakra. This is another aspect of the inner child’s wonder at the majesty of life and creation. When we give thanks for the great gift of this sacred life and the endless opportunities this opens up for us, we become a part of the living stream of consciousness called creation. In this stream we are one with all life forms, all possibilities and the sacredness of being here. It is through gratefulness then, that we can access our Divine Abundance, as this is a part of this flow, the Oneness.

As we learn to recognise that our childhood was a unique situation which gave us all opportunities for soul and personality growth, we can look back with gratitude as our inner child becomes happier and more joyful. Each day presents us with more to be grateful for, and as our hearts expand with love, praise and thanks to our great Creator, so more of that natural abundance (our birthright) will manifest in our lives. Gratitude is the key.

Keynotes: To transform any feelings of ungratefulness or resentment.

Indications: Difficult to please. Appreciates little in life, usually taking life’s gifts and others for granted. Resentful nature. Rarely says thank you.

Positive qualities: Genuinely appreciative of everyone and all things in one’s life. Expresses this appreciation and joy to all .

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful effect on the Heart Chakra. Transmutes mis-qualified energy from the Solar Plexus chakra and cleanses accumulated barriers, caused by ill feeling, from the aura around the heart and throat.

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