Inner Child Essence Shimara Goodwill



Developing GOODWILL
To release and transmute deep-rooted, recent or suppressed anger.

15 ml

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Product Description

During childhood there is always anger, of one kind or another, although in adulthood we may choose not to remember and thus suppress the anger we felt in those moments of youth. This happens, particularly when we have been taught that anger is not right and therefore, to be a “good” person and thereby gain the love and approval of our parents or teachers, we suppress all feelings of anger. This can leave us feeling impotent in future situations which make us angry, as we are not able to express the emotion which comes naturally to us.

This eventually leads to blocked energy in the sacral and throat chakras, which then become dysfunctional with the inevitable knock on effect in other related areas. This essence helps to release and transmute this blocked energy from all life periods & particularly when perpetuated in childhood. This can eventually lead to a natural expression of anger, but transmuted through a loving heart, so it does not damage another but releases a powerful, creative energy from within which can be used to empower ourselves and help transform our environment into a more honest and creative place.

Keynotes: To release and transmute deep-rooted, recent or suppressed anger.

Indications: Draws in confrontational situations (i.e. always meeting other ‘angry’ people) which then reinforces ill feeling or unconscious hostility towards others. May be in denial of inner feelings with lack of self-expression, creating many blockages at the Throat chakra.

Positive qualities: Equanimity in all situations. Able to express oneself clearly in difficult situations or disagreements, in the moment, lovingly from the heart, honestly acknowledging any anger we may feel.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Clears unbalanced energy from the Sacral, Solar plexus & Throat and helps open the Heart chakra.

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