Inner Child Essence Shimara Freedom



Restoring FREEDOM
Helps to release and clear controlling aspects of one’s personality.

15 ml

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Product Description

Freedom helps us to regain the freedom of our true self by releasing controlling aspects of our personality. The need to emotionally or mentally control others often stems from a childhood when either or both parents held these patterns, and hence became our role model. These rigid behavioural patterns are also, often, karmic in origin and go very deep. The outward need to control others is often the reflection of a harsh inner life, where continual criticism and self-judgement become externalised. The need to always be right, is one sign that this essence is needed.

Dr. Edward Bach said: “Give others their freedom and gain your own”. Underneath these negative patterns is always a deep sense of fear and insecurity. An extreme archetype is the school bully who, wanting to show how powerful he really is, only picks on those weaker than himself. However, this pattern is usually far more subtle than in this example. The need to dominate and control others only leads to unhappiness, as those around us feel used, angry and disempowered. True freedom comes from freeing our spirit, our judgements, and recognising that our true power comes from an open heart. Those we free can then become their true selves on their own unique paths, and our relationships become much stronger in this freedom.

Keynotes: Helps to release and clear controlling aspects of one’s personality.

Indications: Controlling or dominating behaviour. Rigid personality. May have an over-blown sense of self-importance. Always in the ‘right’. Usually disinterest or fear of any situation where not playing a leading role.

Positive qualities: Inner strength and self assurance. Seeing all as equals. Appreciates other peoples unique gifts. Lets others learn and grow in their own way, without needing to ‘help’ or ‘direct’ them all the time.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Transforms misqualified energies at the Solar plexus chakra, allowing them to more easily raise up to the Heart.

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