Inner Child Shimara Kumara Forgiveness



Opens the heart to more love & forgiveness, also towards oneself.

15 ml

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Product Description

To see true forgiveness in action, watch a pure innocent young child, untainted by the travails of life, forgiving immediately the parent who has just scolded them. Watch the dog who has been beaten by his master, who, with open heart and love, goes to lick and console this person who now maybe feels guilty. For-give means our love is for-giving. Forgiveness is a place within our hearts where there is no judgement of ourselves or others. When we judge another we become resentful of that person and hence forgiveness is impossible. By releasing our judgement of situations in childhood, or the way people behaved towards us, through an understanding that none are perfect (including ourselves), we are more able to access that closed off portion of our hearts to bring true forgiveness and love to really transform the situations and relationships of the past. This combination of essences works by helping us to release judgement, and develop forgiveness so that more love can flow in our hearts.

Keynotes: Opens the heart to more love & forgiveness, also towards oneself.

Indications: Easily bears grudges, hard-hearted or judgemental. Bitterness. May inwardly be in denial of any difficult relationships, to avoid facing inner feelings or suppressed anger.

Positive qualities: Loving, forgiving, understanding and accepting nature. ‘Lets go’, doesn’t ‘hold on’ to the past. Truly heart-centred.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Gently opens the Heart and Crown chakras. Dissolves ‘body-armour’ in the aura around the Heart chakra.

See also Other Essences: ‘Goodwill’, Gratitude’, ‘Love’, ‘Release’, and ‘Mother’ or ‘Father’ if appropriate.