Inner Child Essence Shimara Father



Patterns Related to FATHER
Father issues and/or problems relating to men. Male issues.

15 ml

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Product Description

This very important essence helps to release any difficult patterns or emotions related to the father or father figure. Helps develop more love, understanding and forgiveness in the relationship and brings balance to ones own masculine nature, women need this too!

Keynotes: Father issues and/or problems relating to men. Male issues.

Indications: Anger, difficulty or sadness over relationship with one’s father and/or problems with masculine, more assertive side of one’s nature. Possibly overly domineering, aggressive or insensitive.

Positive qualities: More love, understanding and forgiveness towards one’s father. Helps develop more balanced masculine energy within oneself. Comfortable with the more logical, assertive and male aspects of one’s nature. Better relationships with men in general.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful effect on the Heart chakra.

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