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Restoring Trust FAITH
Lacking faith & trust that things will always work out for the best

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Lacking faith and trust

Our original faith in a truly loving Creator, a Mother Earth which supports and nurtures us through life, and a Divine Universe which shows us the path home through the wondrous stars, is restored with this sacred essence. Remember the wonder with which we stared at the night sky in all it’s radiance, as a child, with the inner knowing that all was well, regardless of how bad our outer circumstances may have seemed. Remember the loving feeling of Oneness with all the majesty of stars and planets. These are the feelings that are rekindled through the use of this beautiful combination.

As we looked upon the heavens in childhood there was no possible doubt in our minds that we were a part of this magical, magnificent Universe, and God’s plan. We knew of our origins in the stars before our sojourn of earthly incarnations and felt Divine Love flowing from our hearts to all our brothers and sisters still embodying the light on other planets. Through this inner knowing held in our hearts, (not just our minds!), we develop faith and trust, in life and in our relationships. The child with it’s open heart chakra will instinctively know who and what to trust. This trust can become lost as incidents and circumstances can deeply wound the heart and subconsciously the child starts to build subtle layers around the heart chakra as a protective measure, so as never to be hurt again. A parent leaves, either through death or divorce, or even simply not being there for the child, who can ever be trusted again? These patterns and many others are then carried into adulthood, held unknowingly in the subconscious mind, and will then affect all future relationships.

Each time the faith and trust button is pressed (and the Universe will give us many such opportunities to recognize the pattern and change it!) doubt or mistrust will spring up in the heart giving us emotional pain, and causing great difficulties in close relationships. This essence will help to restore the sacred faith and trust in our hearts.

Keynotes: Lacking faith & trust that things will always work out for the best

Indications: Sceptical, pessimistic or doubting nature, with an overly logical, questioning mind. Lack of trust often creates exactly the imagined ‘negative’, yet unwanted results within any situation, relationship or event.

Positive qualities: Unshakeable trust and faith in life. Deep inner knowing that everything is in its right place and that we really do create what we project out into the world.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful effect on the Heart and Brow chakras. Helps clear gloom and grey mental ‘fog’ out of the aura.

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