Inner Child Essence Decisive



Blocked intuition. Lacking trust in one’s own judgement.

15 ml

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Indecision comes when we are not able to trust our intuition, for this aspect of our divine nature will always guide us to the right decision. The intuition, while being a sacred gift through our connection to our higher-self, is also something much more tangible. If we practise listening to it and also, as importantly, feeling it, the intuition will grow stronger until we know which decision to make in any given circumstances. This also takes trust, both in the feelings themselves and also Mother-Father God or the Universe, for we are a part of that whole.

It is through the integration of our higher spiritual nature and our human emotions & feelings that we are to evolve, grow and ultimately to transcend matter. Decision making can be as simple as following what feels right in the heart, as long as one is humble and puts the ego to one side. Try to detach oneself emotionally from the outcome of any decision, always asking for the highest divine good in any situation.

Some decisions are easier than others, for instance, say we go into a shop for a new dress. If we are in a good space, we walk in the shop and instinctively know which colour & style will suit us best, often this will be the first dress we go for. If someone is with us, they can interfere with our choice, making suggestions, and we may be influenced by them into trying on half the shop, or even buy something we don’t really like. So it is important to be in our own calm space, especially when making important decisions. These need to be made in a meditative space, over a period of time, but also balanced with practical aspects. This essence helps us become more naturally decisive.

Keynotes: Blocked intuition. Lacking trust in one’s own judgement.

Indications: Too mental in approach to life. Inability to link up issues clearly to make decisions. Often fear of doing the ‘wrong’ thing due to past mistakes.

Positive qualities: Decisive. Always trusting one’s intuition, balanced judgement or inner guidance; uninfluenced by the choices/opinions of others.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Heart, Solar-plexus, Brow & Crown chakra, with a balancing, calming effect on the mental body, creating clarity.

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