Inner Child Essence Courage



Restoring COURAGE
Can be universally applied for releasing and clearing all fears, including karmic fear.

15 ml

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Product Description

The courage of a child can be seen clearly when the aspect of fearlessness takes over and the child climbs a tree many times its own size with no fear of falling. Many fears and anxieties, however, are developed in childhood through parental and other influences.

Fear becomes instilled in the child each time it is told that something is dangerous or harmful and then the outside world can start to be looked upon in terror. Fears can also be developed through ill treatment, and a direct relationship can often be found between the terror of a child who is beaten or abused and a lack of well being later in life. This is a very important combination as buried fear can often be the underlying energy behind many other patterns, such as anger and guilt for instance. As this essence is taken it is transmuting fears developed in childhood very gently, layer by layer, allowing the innate natural courage that we all hold within our hearts to expand and grow.

Keynotes: Can be universally applied for releasing and clearing all fears, including karmic fear.

Indications: Nervous or anxious. Subconscious fears and phobias inhibiting or ruling one’s life. May feel cold all the time. Possible difficulties sleeping at night due to subconscious fears or nightmares.

Positive qualities: Fearlessness. Challenges inspire one to act in a positive way, rather than re-act through fear. Courageous.

Chakra and subtle bodies: Heart, Solar-plexus, Sacral, Base and also Kidney chakras. Clears lower, fear-based energies from the astral and emotional bodies

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