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Releasing trauma BIRTH
Can be universally applied for releasing birth trauma.

15 ml

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Held in the consciousness of every Inner Child is the memory of birthing into a physical body. For most of us our birth was one of the most traumatic events of our life. Moving out through the birth canal, leaving the safety and warmth of our mother’s womb to enter a cold world, often to be confronted with slaps, surgery and a clinical antiseptic hospital atmosphere was a great shock.

Ideally immediate cuddles and the reassurance of our mother’s love is what is really needed, with the cord being cut in this position wherever possible. Thankfully, more and more aware mothers are now choosing a natural birth in a warm water pool with relaxing music being played for the sacred act of birth. This essence releases birth trauma.

Keynotes: Can be universally applied for releasing birth trauma. (Has also been applied to the new born child’s feet and pulse points to great effect).

Indications: Unwilling to be fully present. Patterns that relate to birth difficulties. (May also be indicated during major life changes and transitions).

Positive qualities: Secure and happy being here, no need to be constantly ‘mothered’. Able to embrace change & transformation with ease and grace.

Chakras and subtle bodies: Gentle effect on all chakras and subtle bodies.

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