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Product Description


An optimising DOT you can wear for strengthening and harmonising your energy field. BioDOT is designed to support the body’s unique natural rhythms and promote a strong balanced energy field. BioDOT can be used for adults, children, babies, animals, and pets and even plants!

Many users who wear a BioDOT all the time report greatly improved sleep patterns, better concentration and higher energy levels. If worn whilst playing sport BioDOT users can benefit from increased flexibility, co-ordination and strength.

Why Use BioDOT

We now know there’s an invisible pollutant that’s affecting all of us. It’s clear that we all contribute to this pollution on a daily basis by simply watching television or using electrical appliances or driving our cars. These electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequencies (RFR) have come to be known as electro-pollution. Everyone who is exposed to these electromagnetic fields is affected by them. Some people are more sensitive, and therefore more vulnerable to health problems or ‘electro-stress’ associated with high levels of EMF exposure. Electro-stress can cause persistent symptoms of tiredness, headaches, difficulty in concentration, irritability, sleep problems and breathing difficulties among others. Prolonged and consistent exposure that doesn’t produce symptoms of electro-stress can still result, in the longer term, in increasing physiological side effects and symptoms that may ultimately cause serious disease. Medical research shows that this pollution can contribute to diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Good energetic integrity is your best possible means of protecting your health in electro-magnetically toxic environments.