Inner Child Essences Be Here Now

Be Here Now


Fully Present to BE HERE NOW
Can be universally applied for grounding.

15 ml

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Product Description

Sustaining the development of the Inner Child through the grounding of energies. When it is difficult to consciously work on Inner Child issues, through the desire to escape and leave the body when the going gets tough, this is the time to take this essence.

Helps one to be here NOW, to be fully present and awake, so that our transformation may continue, ensuring that nothing is missed and we graciously look at all that is presented to us as opportunities for growth of the Inner Child.

Keynotes: Can be universally applied for grounding.

Indications: Spaced out, inattentive, unbalanced behaviour or lacking vital energy. May not hear what others say, possibly clumsy with many ‘accidents’. Living in a dream world; unable to manifest ones Divine Mission in life .

Positive qualities: Alert, fully present. More organised and focused. Has energy and enthusiasm to put one’s dreams and ideals into practice, realising one’s Divine Mission and full potential in life.

Chakra relationships: Base and feet chakras. Also helps to integrate lower chakras from solar-plexus down..

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