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Restoring BALANCE
Can be universally applied for balance on all levels, especially emotional.


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Product Description

This Essence helps restore balance to those whose personality is very up and down. One day they are in harmony, the next day they are not at peace with themselves at all. This state is often characterised by indecision or restlessness, with the mind going from one extreme to another as it becomes over-stimulated and excitable. These are all symptoms of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra, indicative of emotional problems in childhood. When this chakra is not clear and fully functioning it can also cause disturbances to develop in the related areas of the etheric blueprint.

As this essence is taken you may become very aware of any changes you need to make in your outer circumstances to bring more balance and harmony to your life. You may also feel more emotionally in control, with greater clarity of mind. This essence will also help to balance the solar plexus with the brow chakra and is therefore very helpful for the inner child with psychic gifts.

Keynotes: Can be universally applied for balance on all levels, especially emotional.

Indications: Restless or oversensitive; mood swings, constantly up and down. Unbalanced emotions with an oversensitive Solar plexus and all that this entails. Too open to lower astral energies.

Positive qualities: Complete balance of mind and emotions. Ability to integrate all life experiences. Self empowered. Able to create boundaries to give more space for self.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful balancing and strengthening effect on the Solar-plexus chakra.

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