Inner Child Essence Acceptance



Self denial, resentment, or ‘victim consciousness’

15 ml

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The nature of acceptance is of being at one with life and with the Creator. From acceptance of ones situation stems the ability to feel many other Divine Attributes such as forgiveness and more love. As we learn to accept the life we have chosen, the circumstances, place and family, we can come to terms with who we are now and how this childhood has fashioned us.

Through loving acceptance of this we can appreciate all we have learned and experienced in this life and we can start to perceive the growth of the Inner Child. We can only be healed through this loving acceptance of who we are, of our unique story which has formed our individuality. This creates, as we go through life, all that is needed for our soul growth. Acceptance of this brings the opportunity for further transformation.

Keynotes: For self-denial, resentment, possibly ‘victim-consciousness’.

Indications: Feeling that life is unfair, or that one deserves much better. Unhappy with self and personal circumstances. Anger at the past or bitterness.

Positive qualities: Loving understanding and acceptance of self, one’s life experiences & relationships. True appreciation of one’s unique gifts and potential.

Chakra and subtle body relationships: Powerful effect on the Heart chakra; also balances and clears the Solar-plexus, Base and Sacral.

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