Newsletter August 2013

The Harmonic Frequencies of Oneness Which harmonise and activate the Solar Light Body. These energies are also to help integrate the SLB to the physical body – thus anchoring the original Divine Blueprint into physicality. These new amazing frequencies have been given to me from the Elohim. […]

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Newsletter February 2013

Rejoice & Celebrate 2013 Celebrate birthing the consciousness of Divine Love and Oneness for Mother Earth and all life, all humanity. It is done. We have achieved all that we desired at some level to fulfil our part in the highest and most profound experiment ever known […]

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Newsletter July 2012

Exiting New Eternal Light Ray of Divine Redemption I am so very blessed and full of gratitude and love for this beautiful sanctuary that I am the guardian of, on an Earthly and Spiritual Level. The vision I always had for a spiritual place of retreat and […]

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Newsletter February 2012

Beloved friends, We have arrived at this sacred year of 2012 !! So many millions of us around the world from multitudes of different groups, organizations, streams of light and higher dimensional consciousness, have been working for the upliftment of humanity for eons of time. We have […]

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Newsletter May 2011

Beloved friends, I think it is so incredibly amazing how well orchestrated the movement of Mother Earth and all of nature is, and how totally in alignment she is with the wisdom of the ancient ones. Both the Hathors and the Mayan calendar gave the time of […]

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Newsletter November 2010

Dear Light Workers, My deepest gratitude and thanks go to all of you who have been sending healing to Mother Earth and all the disasters and difficult situations around this dear planet. The Ascended Realms are sending multitudes of blessings and ask me to remind you that […]

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