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Newsletter October 2014

Vol. 16, Issue 3 Dearest friends, It is with great joy and amazement that I can share some very exciting news! Hence this short newsletter to share the information with as many of you as possible. The Divine timing of all these sacred events often surprises us, […]

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Newsletter July 2014

We are Transforming Right Now! We are moving at warp speed through this momentous year of light filled activities, wonderful eclipses, solar flares and rare astrological alignments. Let us pause for breath and stop to meditate on our own process of transformation. Everyone reading this newsletter will […]

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Newsletter February 2014

Open to the Wonders of 2014 Once again our new year started with a bang. On the 31st December our peaceful evening was broken by several loud claps of thunder and lightening at 11.30pm. As there was no rain and the skies were clear, I went to […]

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