3.33 Meditation

Both Sanat Kumara and myself wish to send all our love and gratitude to all of you who have been participating in the Sunday afternoon meditation and healing at 3.33.pm. As I explained in the newsletter of Febuary 2014 SANAT KUMARA came through during my channelling at the London Solar Plexus workshop. I was guiding a meditation to learn how to cut emotional, mental or karmic ties from our auric field when He came through and said he had received a Divine Dispensation from Mother Father God to allow the Ascended Masters to help all humanity release and transform the ties and cords that bind us. These are energies that no longer serve our Highest Divine Good. It is easier to stay in a clear space, to connect with our Higher Self and hear our inner guidance when we are free to be our true self. Sanat has promised that the Ascended Masters will do this work for all humanity until the last person has ascended. This is the most incredible gift we have been offered and They will do this with our help. This is why we are here at this amazing time to become the Co-creators linking Heaven to Earth.
Through the power of our I Am Presence when we are in our heart and the column of light we automatically connect to the I Am Presence of all humanity and can work for the highest divine good of ALL LIFE.
Therefore it is very important that as many as possible join in with this meditation at a physical level to allow as much amplification as possible.

Since that time, because so many have been dedicated to this process, the Ascended Masters have extended this work to include additional clearings. The “theme” for each week is given to me from Sanat Kumara, which Lisa then sends this to everyone on our Eternal Light e-mail list. This is also put on the E.L Facebook page.

If you are not already on either list and wish to get the new information every week please send an
e-mail to: heartsong108@gmail.com

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So just to reiterate, this is what we do!
Centering ourselves in our column of light we send all our love, gratitude and appreciation first to the heart of Mother Earth and then up to Heaven. We then call on the Divine Dispensation from Sanat Kumara, the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms to work with us on behalf of all humanity. We then focus on cutting etheric ties in our aura to keep it clear. Then ask, pray, send healing to the theme for the week, meditate for as long as you wish. The energy is very powerful, quite awe inspiring!
This is the most powerful form of healing the maladies that affect us all at this time, when so much karma is coming up to be cleared. At times when we see news of all the wars and disasters on this planet it is easy to get in to despair useless to help in any way. It is part of our Divine Mission to work with our wonderful healing energies in this way, fully connected to, empowered and amplified by the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters.
Remember, if you are unable to join in at the right time, 3.33pm every Sunday; do it when you can and ask for the energy to be added to the group meditation. Remember time does not exist on the 5th dimension!