Newsletter May 2016

Dear Ones,                                                                                               Click here to download as PDF

As the weather gets warmer and we start to see all the flowers blooming and the trees in leaf, let us rejoice and be so thankful for nature and Mother Earth in spring time. Let us not forget to send gratitude, love and appreciation also to the heavenly realms when in our column of light for all the love, healing and light we and all humanity have been receiving these last few months.


There is no doubt now that this sacred planet is in a desperate situation, as is all humanity. As we know from the past, civilizations, cultures and entire races have disappeared through our own self destruction. This has usually been through the manifestation of mankind’s deepest and darkest ego patterns. Many of the issues which created the downfall of Atlantis, for instance, are now surfacing very strongly. We are now once again playing with atomic energy, nuclear power, misusing animals, genetic modification, etc. Our seas have become toxic and are dying due to chemical waste. Mother Earth is so deeply polluted, she herself, cries out for our help.

Each of us has a role to play in this scenario, to avoid, at the last minute, total destruction. It is not about the type of work we do as if it is no longer suitable for our Divine Path we will be guided to employment that is more fitted to our heart’s desire and soul purpose. Let your light shine! Above all else, our work should bring us JOY. It is the joy we feel in life, work, relationships that keeps us healthy, motivated and a feeling of worthiness in our hearts. We can only then feel out true soul connection to all life and achieve true contentment and happiness. To bring ourselves to this awe inspiring level of consciousness we need to transform our ego based patterns, our shadow side, to bring more light. I know so many of you are now clearing some very deep issues and I am very happy to help with those processes. Do not hesitate to call or email for help, healing or essences to assist in those darkest times.

It often takes great courage to turn our life around but our spirit rejoices and gives us the energy we need to follow our inner guidance. Whether it is releasing fears of change, or letting go of work, relationships, home, that no longer feel right for us, it is a major leap of faith that brings the greatest growth. Having gone through this process myself several times I know how empowering it is. You can literally feel your vibrational frequency moving up as you release and let go. Trust in Mother/Father God and the

Universe to support you and they will, sometimes in the most miraculous ways. We have to take the first steps however to make things happen. The Angelic Realms send the universal energy that we need when they recognise our COMMITMENT. This is why it is often important to feel the fear and do it anyway. These are the first steps in the manifestation process for our Highest Divine Good.

With these thoughts in mind we wish to welcome Nicky as our next community resident. Nicky has bravely followed her guidance to join Colin, myself and lovely part-time resident Audrey Joy at Newlight. We are very blessed to have such beautiful souls here to help with all our work. We also thank everyone who helps to create this powerful centre of light.

Radiant Light Body

The Hathors have told me that there will be a new Part 7 Ray but I have not anchored it myself yet. I think the Hathoric Angels have been on holiday to the stars! I will send an update as soon as possible so watch this space.

3.33 Meditations

Here is a list of dates and themes for the next few months. For more expanded information on this powerful healing work please read previous newsletters, (all can be found on our website).

Sunday 15th May Sending healing energies and prayers to all refugees and homeless everywhere.

Sunday 22nd May Sending healing energies and prayers to terrorists and terrorist organisations.

Sunday 29th May Sending healing energies and prayers to all governments involved in war.

Sunday 5th June Sending healing energies and prayers to all involved in the arms trade.

Sunday 12th June Sending healing energies and prayers to all involved in the banking industry.

Sunday 19th June Sending healing energies and prayers to all involved in the manipulation of currencies.

Sunday 26th June Raising consciousness of mankind to release war fears.

Sunday 3rd July Raising consciousness of mankind to release the anger of all humanity.

Sunday 10th July Raising consciousness of mankind to release the judgement of all humanity.

Sunday 17th July Raising consciousness of mankind to release the hatred of all humanity.

Sunday 24th July Raising consciousness of mankind to release the need to control others.

Sunday 31st July Raising consciousness of mankind to open hearts to more unconditional love and compassion.

I would like us all to go deeply within during our meditation/prayers/sending healing to see how the theme relates to us as individuals. Then we can be the silent witness to know ourselves more fully and any obsolete energies we need to release. Don’t forget also to practice cutting the ties and cords in your aura before starting sending the healing as this is a part of the process also. This helps us to stay in a clear energy field and gives us insights into our relationships and any possible emotional neediness. Then call on the Angels of the Violet Flame to bring through their sacred frequencies to cleanse and to purify all that you are releasing.

We still a few places left for the Summer Solstice Retreat. Those who have told me they would like to come but have not yet sent a deposit please can you send this so as to book your place.

New Menopause Essence

This new combination has been trialled on several of you with positive results. It helps balance left/right brain, activating pineal and pituitary glands thus regulating hormones/mood swings. Hands up girls to order now! This is not yet on the website so please phone to order.

Workshops with Shimara in 2016


Friday & Saturday Evening
2nd & 3rd September 2016 6pm – 8pm (Open to all)
Cost £80, deposit £20* (Includes both evenings)


Saturday 3rd September 2016 10am – 5pm (Gaia advanced students only)

Radiant Light Body parts 5 & 6 and the new part 7: Sirius, Saturn & Sterilyon
Each Ray costs £80 (to include lunch),  deposit £20*


Including new Crystalline energies from Greater Central Sun

Sunday 4th September 2016 10am – 5pm (Open to all)
Cost £80, (to include lunch) deposit £20*
Special package to stay for 2 nights including breakfast and dinner: £80


Friday 17th – Tuesday 21st June 2016

Including 4 Paramatman Light sessions, powerful healing sessions, meditations, individual tune-ins with Shimara, delicious organic food and fun times in the beautiful grounds.
Cost £330 all inclusive, deposit £50*

For all workshops please see attached


*Deposit non refundable unless workshop cancelled

With love and healing,

Shimara Kumara