Newsletter February 2016

Dear Beautiful Beings of Light!                                                       Click here to download as PDF

Yes you!! It is time to fully accept our true self and our beautiful spirit, I AM presence for all that that entails. As our consciousness is now raising at warp speed our thoughts, words and actions, have to change accordingly. This is part of a completely natural process as our heart and higher chakras release their old blockages and patterns. However it is very important to become more self aware of our consciousness and what is in our mind at any moment. We become more mindful through meditation. This is especially important if you are being attuned to the Eternal Light Healing Rays or experiencing Paramatman Light, etc. Often the energies will bring an immediate awareness of feelings, issues and reactions and some of you are becoming more and more aware of this and are able to express these insights in the group energy.

However sometimes it takes a while of being in or working with the energies to know on a more subtle level of a positive personality transformation. The Universe, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms work very hard to bring to you all the signs, incidents (which are never accidents!) and opportunities for self knowledge, spiritual growth and change. Do not waste or ignore what life brings you. Be very alert as each of these will bring into your consciousness that which you need to change, release or make a decision on. The only way you will find out what your higher self is trying to bring to your attention is to MEDITATE on the issue. In this way you grow in spiritual awareness, become more confident and understanding of yourself and of any personality issues.

2016 – The Year of Miracles

This year is a pivotal turning point in mankind’s history. This is the year when we can really see with our own eyes the miracles of our own creation. As it says in ‘The Course in Miracles’ – there is no limitation on miracles. We can perceive them as small, i.e. white feather syndrome, the sign of a healer or Light Worker. We can also see the enormous miracles in our lives or on a global scale.

WE CAN CHOOSE TO SEE EVERYTHING AS A MIRACLE OR NOTHING. Which would you choose? Any miracle is of our own creation, thoughts, feelings, words and actions. As we are all one , nothing can happen that is not a part of us.


One very powerful choice we can make is this weekend by adding our healing energies and prayers to James Twyman’s global peace meditation for Syria and the Syrian children. James is journeying to Syria with a group representing major religions including Muslim. The `Peace Troubadour ́ will lead a 15 minute prayer vigil. Many thousands around the world are participating in this process and the more people that join in the more energy is created and amplified. This we are assured by Sanat Kumara, Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. What is happening in Syria with ISIS is a part of all humanity. Who has not felt anger, shame, violence, victim consciousness? Judge not lest we be judged.

GO NOW to this link to register:

The vigil itself will be this MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY which is International Peace Day. The exact time will not be revealed until the last minute due to security reasons. Follow the teachings of Jesus to love our enemies. Pray, send love and healing to

Radiant Light Body

These amazing energies are raising our consciousness exponentially. The HATHORS are now preparing to take us another step further on this wonderful journey. I have seen incredible changes all around me and received such beautiful feedback from some of you that it has had me in tears of joy. Each step on this journey of transformation with the Hathor energy takes us closer and closer to our true being-ness. The Hathors say it is important in the time between initiations that the energy is used and meditated on. In this way we can see how that particular level of light is helping us to heal. The last initiation, level 5, brought some quite incredible soul retrievals, both for the participants and those who have been receiving the energy from you during a session or distant healing. I have seen more joy, more love and more self expression as these soul aspects return to the personality.

The next Radiant Light Body initiation is to anchor our 12 strand DNA into our 12 chakra system – WOW!

The Hathors are really ramping up the energy now!!

Please book your space now for any of the rays or energies on offer in March.

3.33 Meditations

Here is a list of dates and themes for the next few months. For more expanded information on this powerful healing work please read previous newsletters, all can be found here our website.

Sunday 14th Feb Raising consciousness of mankind to release religious intolerance.

Sunday 21st Feb Raising consciousness of mankind to release the need to control or dominate others.

Sunday 28th Feb Raising consciousness of mankind into non judgement of self and all humanity.

Sunday 6th March Raising consciousness of mankind to release poverty consciousness.

Sunday 13th March Raising consciousness of mankind to release patterns of guilt and shame.

Sunday 20th March Raising consciousness of mankind to release victim consciousness.

Sunday 27th March Raising consciousness of mankind to bring through Unconditional Love in all hearts.

Sunday 3rd April Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of illness and disease.

Sunday 10th April Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of pain and suffering.

Sunday 17th April Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of sexuality and intimate relationships.

Sunday 24th April Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of the unknown and discarnate spirits.

Sunday 1st May Raising consciousness of mankind to release death fears.

Sunday 8th May Raising consciousness of mankind to release persecution fears.

I would like us all to go deeply within during our meditation/prayers/sending healing to see how the theme relates to us as individuals. Then we can be the silent witness to know ourselves more fully and any obsolete energies we need to release. Don’t forget I can tune in for remedies to help with your process, so please give me a call for any help you may need. I am also available for the individual karmic clearings. These are very powerful and extremely healing.

We have at Heartsong a new reprint of my Eternal Light book – Beyond Reiki and the Inner Child Card sets. Keep an eye of the website for details of the upcoming reprint of Flowers of Life and the Bach Flower cards!

Workshops with Shimara in 2016

(All workshops now in Devon)

Friday & Saturday Evening, 4th & 5th March 2016, 6pm – 8pm (Open to all)
Cost £80, deposit £20* (Includes both evenings)

Saturday 5th March 2016, 10am – 5pm (Gaia advanced students only)
All levels of Radiant Light Body including the new part 6 Sun, Moon, Mercury & Antares.
Each Ray costs £80 (to include lunch), deposit £20*

Sunday 6th March 2016, 10am – 5pm (Open to all)
Including new Crystalline energies from Greater Central Sun.
Cost £80, (to include lunch) deposit £20*

Special package to stay for 2 nights including breakfast and dinner: £80

Friday 17th – Tuesday 21st June 2016
Including 4 Paramatman Light sessions, powerful healing sessions, meditations, individual tune-ins with Shimara, delicious organic food and fun times in the beautiful grounds.
Cost £330 all inclusive, deposit £50*

*Deposit non refundable unless workshop cancelled.

With love and healing,

Shimara Kumara