Newsletter July 2015

Vol. 17, Issue 3                                                                                Download here the Newsletter PDF!

Dear Ones,

I trust everyone is enjoying the wonderful summer sun and absorbing lots of vitamin C through the skin and the eyes, essential for our immune system. Remember even 10 or 15 minutes through the bare hands and soles of your feet once or twice a day will top up your C levels. We also absorb through our eyes but not by directly looking at the sun as that causes damage. Try to use sunglasses as little as possible unless eyes are very light sensitive. How wonderful it is to praise dear Brother Sun and meditate on his energy at sunrise and sunset, as that is the time to see his true beauty, energy and life giving properties. This is also a good time to work with the Sun/Solar ray of E.L. frequencies during meditations.

Messages from the Hathors

I have been anchoring the next part 5 of the Radiant LB energies for the past month or so and have now been given its purpose and meaning. Waking up with a jolt and feeling extremely dizzy and out of body, I remembered my dreams and had a download of beautiful soul energy. I have seen and known my past lives for a long time. Some I only had glimpses of, as in childhood when I knew I came from Venus and used to call to Venus in the night sky, “I want to come home!” I’m sure many of you had similar feelings too of that inner knowing that we came from the stars or planets. Then “life” takes over and we forget for a while. It was always at the back of my mind until over 30 years ago when my past lives came back into consciousness more fully.

I have just been given the purpose of the 5th part of the wonderful Hathor RLB attunement from my Venusian family:

This next initiation is one which they call a VIRTUAL SOUL RETRIEVAL. This ray is an anchoring of our causal body and spiritual bodies to the lower subtle bodies through the energy field and particularly the crown and heart chakras. This powerful new frequency from the Hathoric Angels is especially designed to raise consciousness to a point where we are able to assimilate knowledge of our path of light. The main focus of this, which can be information, feelings, pictures or simply an inner knowing, is on the lineage of light that we all carry. This we have held in our hearts for all our earthly incarnations, sometimes blazing with Divine Missions, sometimes lying dormant as we work on particular earthly personality imbalances – BUT ALWAYS THERE. This beautiful new gift of light and healing energy will also be working through us to give or send to others as a healing ray. This is a fantastic gift to make a stronger connection to Mother/Father God and all creation through the heart. This will bring more trust and faith into our lives and from that more and more miracles! I welcome you all to our healing sanctuary to receive this next raise in consciousness.

Channelling from the Hathors during the Summer Retreat

The most important thing we can do at the moment is to help raise the consciousness of all humanity, including our own levels. A beautiful channelling came through from the Hathors during the last retreat. It was unusual in as much as it was powerful, thought provoking but also amusing. We started with a talk on expectations and were asked “What do we expect from life?” To create miracles we have to expect them and watch out for them in our lives. This creates the atmosphere in our aura of expectation which is the energy that draws in fulfilment and receiving. This involves faith and trust that we deserve all that the universe can send us for our Highest Divine Good. By raising our expectations we will achieve more peace, joy and fulfilment in our lives.

The Hathors then spoke about our describing the different levels of vibration:

Low level vibration: People on the planet set on destruction.

Middle level vibration: The majority of “normal” good people who lead a very unadventurous life due to fears and worries about what others think of them.

Highest level vibration: People with a high level of consciousness who have become very heart centred.
We must raise our consciousness and help others to reach the Highest Level Vibration. We must feel and think from the heart and become our true selves without fear of standing out from the crowd. Only then will we reach the level of almost instant manifestation of all that we need to fulfil our Divine Purpose and mission.

3.33 Meditations

Due to the fact that Mother Earth and all humanity are moving through an extreme Chaotic Node we must help as much as possible to raise consciousness of all mankind. This is URGENT. To this end Sanat Kumara requires all our efforts to continue doing the 3.33 Sunday meditations and sending healing. He has requested that you spread this information to as many as possible, not just Eternal Light folks. If they do not carry healing energies they can still pray and meditate on the theme every week. Each newsletter lists the themes for the 3.33 but if you would like to be added to the 3.33 email list please email requesting this.

Here is a list of dates and themes for the next few months. For more expanded information on this powerful healing work please read previous newsletters.

Sunday 26th July Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of going out of body, meditation.
Sunday 2nd August Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of material things, spiders, travelling, etc.
Sunday 9th August Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of opening our hearts to unconditional love.
Sunday 16th August Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of taking back our own power, empowerment.
Sunday 23rd August Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of animal & bird kingdom.
Sunday 30th August Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of poverty, releasing poverty consciousness.
Sunday 6th September Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears for others.
Sunday 13th September Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of being misjudged, different or alienated from others.
Sunday 20th September Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of being a sinner in the eyes of God, and of punishment.
Sunday 27th September Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of letting go of obsolete religious teachings that no longer serve our Highest Divine Good.
Sunday 4th October Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of taking back our true and full power as children of Mother/Father God.
Sunday 11th October Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of expressing the passion in our heart and fulfilling our Divine Missions.
Sunday 18th October Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of planetary changes, pole shifts and natural disasters.
Sunday 25th October Raising consciousness of mankind to release fears of different cultures, creeds and religions.


Please note I have added an extra ray to the October workshops in Devon. Many of you requested Infinite Transmutation as you missed it before and for those of you who are new to the rays, we have 3 planetary rays to expand your healing energies and transform obsolete patterns. Please use the attached order form or write with deposits to book for this very first weekend of healing energy here in Devon (where all workshops are now held). I need to know the number of nights if you wish to stay and any Ascended Master room preference as soon possible please. If you book travel now it will be cheaper and we will do our usual free collections from Totnes Station. You will be able to relax without rushing off home in busy London traffic and have a more enjoyable healing experience at this beautiful portal of light.

Workshops with Shimara in 2015


Friday & Saturday Evening
16th October & 17th October (Open to all)
6pm – 9pm
Cost £70, deposit £20* (Includes both evenings)
Saturday 17th October
Radiant Light Body 3 & 4
Plus new part 5
Saturn, Chiron & Mars and
Infinite Transmutation
10am – 5pm (Gaia advanced students only)
Each Ray costs £80 (to include lunch), deposit £20*
Including new Crystalline energies from Greater Central Sun
Sunday 18th October
10am – 5pm (Open to all)
Cost £80, (to include lunch) deposit £20*

Special package to stay for 2 nights including breakfast and dinner: £70

Friday 11th – Tuesday 15th December
Please telephone, email or send in your booking form to book your place.
Cost £330 all inclusive






* Deposit non refundable unless workshop cancelled

With love and healing,
Shimara Kumara