Newsletter January 2015

Dear Ones,

Welcome to the glorious year of 2015 – the year of the greatest expansion of consciousness that humanity and this sacred planet has ever had the possibility of receiving. This is indeed the year of OPPORTUNITY and DIVINE GRACE to help us transcend all the limitations that our lower selves have created. These thoughts and feelings of fear, suppression, poverty, etc, have kept us in the thrall of our ego for too long. Now as consciousness is rising so quickly we are able to perceive and know the truth of our Divinity. All the amazing energies which have been amplified by the Star of David planetary configuration have been focused on earth at the start of this New Year. Even NASA issued a warning that the alignment of planets as they became adjacent to the sun could cause people to feel a shift in energy or go out of their bodies for a while.

I tuned into this after being told by Kuthumi that a powerful alignment would be happening the next day. I tuned in at the appointed time and felt a huge shift of the frequencies of Mother Earth herself as they rose, taking, of course, all humanity with her. This was after Mother Mary, and other feminine Masters oversaw the new wave of what I experience as similar to the new Radiant Light Body energies on winter solstice. We now need to ground and anchor to Mother Earth the higher consciousness of Divine Love, Abundance, Openness and Freedom through our hearts.

These energies support and empower that have been given in the Chakra initiations to activate the Crystalline Light Body Chakras. These are being anchored within us by two of the most spectacular beings, Aristia and Aristiel, the white fire beings from the greater Central Sun. As we reach the Crown chakra initiation in March, these beautiful beings, along with Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms will be helping us to activate the consciousness of the crown and higher chakras. This will ultimately help us to fully ground the 5th dimension into our 3D bodies, which even now are rapidly trying to change as our atoms and cells assimilate all this extra light.

I have been receiving many urgent requests for clearings recently. Mostly when I look and check aura/chakras at a distance, I see entities and discarnate spirits which I then need to send to the frequencies that are right for them. As I do this people feel a great relief and lightness as they stop having the symptoms of their energy field being interfered with. This is work I have always been able to do with love

and compassion for these lost souls and misqualified energies. However it is in the last weeks I have been inundated with calls for this kind of help. This made me search the higher dimensions to see what is going on.

4th Dimension & The Astral Realms

With each important planetary alignment, worldwide meditation and prayer days, global displays of solidarity for peace, etc, the vibrational frequencies of ALL HUMANITY are affected and rise up. When we move up the vibratory scale we are given a window of opportunity for transformation. We can then choose to use that time wisely for our Highest Divine Good or let the ego control us with “business as usual” i.e. patterns of fear, anger, etc, which may surface at this time.

During the powerful energy shifts in December and early January those who are very sensitive and/or ungrounded were very exposed to new levels of 4th dimensional energy. On these levels there are many different discarnate spirits, human souls who for various reasons have not fully transited to the higher angelic frequencies of Light. Often these souls are drawn to our light as they feel they can be helped by us to move to a higher level. This is why it is now vitally important that we know how to do this easily and safely, without harming ourselves or them, and guide them onwards. Basically the lower 4th dimension in the auric field of Mother Earth is cluttered and densely packed by these souls. This can cause distress and chaos to many people in embodiment, which effectively can cause mental/physical illness and block the multi dimensional flow of light to individuals.

The Need of the Hour

Clear discarnate spirits/entities with a phone session and then distant psychic clearing. I would appreciate an exchange of £50 for this service. I will also run a training day on the removal of these energies here in Totnes , date yet to be decided. I am still also available for remedy tune-ins too.

3.33 Meditations

Here is a list of dates and themes for the next few months. For more expanded information on this powerful healing work please read previous newsletters.

Sunday 18th Jan We ask for help, sending our prayers and healing to help clear fears of violence and terrorism.

Sunday 25th Jan To help clear fear of rape and sexual abuse.

Sunday 1st Feb To help open our hearts and bring forgiveness to perpetrators of violence.

Sunday 8th Feb To help us open our hearts to bring tolerance of all religions.

Sunday 15th Feb To bring all religions together in Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

Sunday 22nd Feb To help bring the consciousness of our connection to Mother/Father God in our hearts.

Sunday 1st March To help release doubt and feelings of separation from Mother/Father God.

Sunday 8th March To help bring peace within ourselves and all mankind.

Sunday 15th March To help bring families together in harmony and peace.

Sunday 22nd March To help bring into consciousness the knowledge of pre-birth agreements.

Sunday 29th March To help understand why we chose family members.

Sunday 5th April To bring into consciousness the knowing of Eternal Life. EASTER SUNDAY. PERFECT

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Sharing Groups

NORTH LONDON Earth Healing Group, held regularly. Please contact Richard on 0208-211-8085

BRISTOL please contact Lianka, 0792-000-6282 for Merkaba, Earth Healing and healing sharing groups.

DEVON Regular healing sharing. Please contact Shimara or Colin on 01364 72112

SURREY Regular healing sharing in Surbiton and Kingston. Please contact Miriam 07950 018564

Exciting New Radiant Light Body Energy

The Hathors have given me a new download of light frequencies to help anchor and ground the first 3 parts of Radiant Light Body, much to my surprise! This new energy will be helping to align the subtle bodies with the physical body. So many of our patterns, unbalanced emotions, problems and other maladies are caused by a misalignment of our energy field. This can be for many reasons; ie. Chosen at birth to amplify soul issues which need to be resolved, the result of accidents, shock, or trauma. The Hathors say that realignments need to take place in order to be in the best state to receive and utilise all the new energies being sent to our sacred planet this year. They see this frequency as an important step on our journey into 5th dimensional consciousness. ENJOY!

With Love and Healing,

Shimara Kumara