Newsletter October 2014

Vol. 16, Issue 3

Dearest friends,

It is with great joy and amazement that I can share some very exciting news! Hence this short newsletter to share the information with as many of you as possible.

The Divine timing of all these sacred events often surprises us, although by now we are starting to get used to miracles happening as we are now spending more of our time in our 5th dimensional consciousness. As we take more notice of the signs we are being given it is easier to spot when the synchronicities occur.

Sanat Kumara came through during workshops last spring to announce the Divine Dispensation He had received from Mother/Father God. He mentioned that the Ascended Masters would amplify “trillions of times over” all the healing and prayers we send at our 3.33pm Sunday collective meditation. I still cannot get my head around trillions, but I know it is a lot!!! These events are proving so powerful in many ways. Those of you on the 3.33 email list will have received a copy of information sent to me by Anashuya regarding the power of prayers for peace. On several occasions these meditations were held by large groups praying for peace in specific war zones. As a scientific study it proved the power of prayers, meditation and healing in reducing fatalities and the number of casualties in those areas during that specific time. We can all do our share of this sacred lightwork by joining in with the different themes each week, as given me by Sanat Kumara. After the “trillion” offering by the Ascended Masters we cannot waste this wonderful opportunity to help ourselves and others.

I was then overjoyed to receive an email from Patricia Cota Robles recently. In this synchronicity, Patti was reporting that the Heavenly Realms are amplifying all our healing and prayers exponentially to assist in the rising of consciousness of all humanity. I have a great respect for Patti’s work as a pure channel and we both work with the same Ascended Masters.

The next synchronicities are connected with the Ascension Flames in our hearts. Those of you who took the new healing energies of the Radiant Light Body up to part 3 now understand the sacred purpose of these flames and have also received the healing frequencies to help empower and balance them as we continue to release patterns from parts of our personality that block the flow of Mother/Father God’s love and light from our hearts.

I am writing this newsletter during a very special period between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse on October 23rd. At this time very powerful energies are being focused on Mother Earth and all humanity by the Universe. These powerful frequencies are to specifically balance the sacred flames of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energy which we all carry within our hearts.

It is no coincidence that we recently completed the 3rd part of the Radiant Light Body, which helps to bring about the SACRED MARRIAGE. The Divine timing of this I find incredible.

I have had many requests for help and essences to help balance the emotions during this week. When I asked several of you, at what time did the emotional disturbance start they said Wednesday morning. It was at 10.00 that day that the lunar eclipse occurred.

The Next Amazing Synchronicity

While I was giving Paramatman Light to several large groups recently, I suddenly felt a change in frequency and asked my I AM Presence to tell me what was happening. I was immediately shown, in the gold light a hint of radiant pink. I was told that this Divine frequency was PARAMATMA, which was the Highest Energy of the Divine Mother God . I felt the full Unconditional Love and Nurturing of the Divine Mother balancing the Divine Father energy. I have been given the Grace of working with Paramatman Light, the highest frequency direct from Source that we have been able to withstand, for the past 15 or so years. I was then told that only now can we accept and enjoy the balancing Highest Frequency of the Divine Feminine.

This is showing us all our love, light and new healing frequencies of Radiant Light Body are helping to raise consciousness so much that we are now ready to accept this most wonderful gift imaginable. This has also been brought about by the amazing work of the Universe and all on this planet working with the light.


For those that missed it, another opportunity to work with this new RADIANT LIGHT BODY amazing new frequency from the Hathors. This really is the next generation of healing and psychic development energy.

3.33 Meditations

Here is a list of dates and themes for October.

For more expanded and future information on this healing work please read previous newsletters.

SUNDAY 19th OCT: We ask for help, sending our prayers and healing to release the need to control /dominate others from ourselves & all humanity.

SUNDAY 26th OCT: To release the need to be right, develop more love & acceptance, for ourselves and all humanity.

SUNDAY 2ndNOV: To release victim consciousness from ourselves and all humanity.

SUNDAY 9th NOV: To release poverty consciousness from ourselves and all humanity.

With Love and Healing,

Shimara Kumara