Newsletter February 2014

Open to the Wonders of 2014

Once again our new year started with a bang. On the 31st December our peaceful evening was broken by several loud claps of thunder and lightening at 11.30pm. As there was no rain and the skies were clear, I went to view the surrounding area and there were no signs of a storm. Just as I went back to meditate for the incoming year, the same thing happened again at a minute or two before midnight. Puzzled as to why this was just in our small area I meditated to ask the purpose of this very powerful act of nature and especially of the elemental kingdom. I was told that these very powerful jolts of energy were being sent to several power points. Their purpose was to break up and fragment some energies which had become crystallised on the etheric realm, so that the old patterns which had created these blocked energies maybe dismantled, broken up and transformed.

This site has been a religious enclave for eons of time and therefore held, on the ethers, some of the thoughts, doctrine and energy of an age when it was appropriate for mankind to believe in some of the old ideas of Christianity. As we now anchor the new Christ consciousness within our hearts as part of the Renaissance of Divine Love of all humanity, this place is also becoming a beacon of “newlight” here on Mother Earth. During my meditation I had been specifically asking for the original harmonic truth of all religions to finally bring peace and understanding from the heart for all mankind. It was as though the Universe was responding in a most amazing way.

As we move into this amazing year let us look at all the opportunities the Universe and the Heavenly Realms are sending us all. Our spirits are now bursting with new possibilities for our Highest Divine Good. We must stay open to these transformational energies for now is our gateway to the stars as our hearts open to the realisation of who we truly are. As we release our neediness, expectations, fears, judgements, etc, we are becoming our true self. As the ego façade crumbles (which we have carefully constructed over eons of time), we can see the light of our spirit more clearly. We can feel it guiding us as we open up to the Divine Love, filling our hearts and minds. This guidance takes many different forms. It does not need to be an inner voice, channelling, clairvoyance or any other psychic phenomena – we feel and know what is right for us in our hearts. As we continue following this inner knowing and ignoring the ego voice of fear and doubt, we start to TRUST OURSELVES, THE UNIVERSE AND OUR ONENESS WITH ALL LIFE.

The universe will bring us all that we need to bring us closer to our knowingness of Mother/Father God, the great Creator, of which we are already a part.

Follow the Signs

All our calls for help are answered by the Universe, always for our Highest Divine Good. This may not always come in ways we expect, but as we follow that which feels right in our hearts everything falls into place. When we look back over our lives and meditate on events, we start to see how all is in Divine Order. The situations and relationships we had in the past and current ones have all taught us in the way our soul needs to learn. This is to bring about the completion of our soul’s journey on earth. This comes about through our personality growth which can take so many different forms. This is the area that our flower and gem essences work on so well. As they bring balance to mind and emotions, so more light from our soul can shine through. If you need help please phone and I can tune in for individual essences for you to assist your journey.

I know some of you are receiving your signs through powerful dreams, some of which are truly amazing and show us our guidance very clearly. I also know many of us are being tested in very different ways, but it is through these tests that we grow and change. ALWAYS KEEP GOING WITHIN AND ASK TO KNOW HOW TO GO FORWARD. HAND EVERY PROBLEM UP TO MOTHER/FATHER GOD/UNIVERSE, ASKING FOR IT TO BE RESOLVED FOR YOUR HIGHEST DIVINE GOOD. TRUST THE UNIVERSE TO SEND ALL YOU NEED.

Often we feel we have to struggle and do everything ourselves without any help at all. As we release our pride, lack of self worth and fear we can “LET GO AND LET GOD.”

Following the signs also means looking very deeply at the situations and relationships around you, as they are all your creations. Ask yourself this question:




When I first started work as a practitioner some 30 years ago, I became very curious about our own processes and those around us. I started to notice at first that all my clients were clearing relationship and divorce trauma. This would trigger my own suppressed emotions which also needed clearing and I tried not to cry as they were pouring their hearts out. I recognised that each person was a mirror for me and I took the same remedies that I gave them! I was also guided to take the Bach Flower walnut in a glass of water and sip it between clients to help me stay in a clear space. Sure enough I changed, and transformed those suppressed emotions of shock and grief, just as they did. It was then that I knew I had created these clients in my life for my own clearing. I saw how powerfully we create our whole reality around us. When I cleared my divorce trauma these clients disappeared as they were healed too. Needless to say, they were replaced by others who had different patterns which were also reflections for me to clear for myself. WE CREATE EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES. THEREFORE WE MUST DEVELOP LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR ALL THAT LIFE IS SHOWING US. WE THEN KNOW WE CAN ONLY CHANGE OURSELVES AND MOVE FORWARD INTO MORE LIGHT AND HIGHER FREQUENCIES. THANK YOU UNIVERSE.

We have received collectively the most powerful, transformation energies ever during the past 4 months. These have been created as a manifestation of light to raise humanities collective consciousness to higher and higher levels. Mother/Father God together with the great beings of our solar system have energised a Divine Plan to help us all out of our quagmire of mud and into the light. This latest round of Divine opportunities started last October. A window opened to allow in the new energies which helped to anchor the Solar light Body within the I Am Presence of every person on Earth. It was at this time that I was finally allowed to initiate the healing frequencies of the crystalline Radiant Light Body which I had been anchoring all summer.

The Universe gave us more transformational energies during the pre Christ-mass period. This took the form of the solar flares which have been becoming so powerful over the past year. I have been sent some amazing photos which were taken here during the last summer retreat by Eim. They show very clearly the powerful flares from the sun, which along with the beautiful orbs now come out on digital cameras. Thank you Eim! These had been energetic frequencies directed from our own sun to help all humanity rise in consciousness. This works specifically to help us understand our individual connection to God as symbolised by out solar system sun without which there could be no life on our sacred planet. Our sun is a reflection of our Greater Central Sun which is also held within the sacred space of our heart, as indeed are all planets, solar systems and universes. WE ARE ALL ONE. The more we work with Merkaba and Temple of the Heart meditations we start to get a sense of this Universal Oneness. In the second level, inside the Temple of the Heart sacred space, you will experience the wonder of this in ways that are unique to each individual. Persevere until you drop into that second place and practice until you can get there easily. Truly amazing!

The solar flares were strong enough this time to knock out electricity and many types of electronic communications. This was in preparation for the amazing and dramatic pole shift of our solar system’s sun. The information given to us before by the Ascended Masters was that all planets in our solar system must have their own pole shifts during these transformational years. I gave this information out a few years ago and most planets now have had that shift to higher frequencies. Mother Earth and mankind is, in a way, holding back this solar system from moving to 5th dimensional frequencies. We are now, however, well on our way to fulfilling our collective Divine Mission as we anticipate our own pole shift in the next few years.

Alongside all these incredible influxes of light were planetary alignments and powerful lunar influences – the assistance mankind is receiving by all the legions of light is truly wondrous. The comet ISON which scientists thought would crash to earth had been programmed to crash into the sun, bringing it’s unique transitional energies to earth via the solar flares.

These 5th dimensional frequencies were so strong that many people experienced extreme pain and headaches as the pineal gland was activated within all humanity. Those of us working with healing light energies already have this important gland at least partially activated. This allows our I Am Presence to bring in not just healing but also contact with our true self, inner knowing and psychic abilities. Now, during this amazing activation of the pineal for all humanity, each person on earth will find it easier to bring through a much higher level of consciousness according to their own unique Divine Mission. This is a giant step forward to speed us on our Path of Light.

Meditate for Fukushima

Since the nuclear power plant was severely and dangerously damaged during the powerful earthquake in Japan 2 years ago, it may have slipped from our Earth healing meditations as new experiences evolve -HOWEVER, IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT NOW THAT AS MANY OF US AS POSSIBLE SEND HEALING TO AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SITUATION THERE NOW. RADIATION IS LEAKING INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN AS WORK IS TAKING PLACE AT THE POWER STATION. THIS COULD AFFECT ALL OCEANS, SEA CREATURES AND ALL HUMANITY UNLESS ENOUGH OF US ACT NOW!

For more details and latest channellings from the Hathors please go to the website:


Incredible Help from Sanat Kumara

During the last solar plexus workshop in London I was guiding a meditation for cutting ties and energetic links to others which do not empower us. Many of these are karmic in origin. As we reached the end of this meditation suddenly SANAT came through and told me that HE had asked Mother/Father God for extra help on this issue on behalf of all humanity. In response to the great cosmic entity who co-created Mother Earth, he/us were granted an amazing DIVINE DISPENSATION whereby the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters would help us. SANAT told me that at the exact time when we were all working on our own clearing, 3.30pm or 3.33pm on Sunday, the Heavenly Realms would be cutting ties through all the dimensions which no longer serve our Highest Divine Good, for each person on earth. They will do this until the last person has ascended for as long as that takes! THIS IS A UNIQUE AND WONDERFUL SERVICE ON BEHALF OF US ALL.


Radiant Light Body

More experiences after the 1st initiation into the Divine Masculine aspect of the Crystalline Light Body.

B.R. says she feels much more solid and grounded, less scattered. She has been receiving wonderful insights for clients who have experienced profound and transformational clearings. The healing energy coming through is much more powerful.

P.H. says the first initiation to Radiant Light Body has opened the door to lots of very positive feedback with people’s ailments easing more quickly. She also loves how the Ascended Masters are working more closely with her.

Part 2: The Divine Feminine

This second part will help to anchor the Unconditional Love of the Divine Feminine into our hearts. This will help with loving ourselves more, honouring our creativity and developing intuition. This energy will also be spiritualising the emotional body – we are then preparing for the SACRED MARRIAGE IN OUR HEART OF THE DIVINE MASCULINE AND FEMININE. This brings balance on all levels as we truly anchor the divine and activate our spiritual brain.

This amazing activation takes place on the 3rd and final part of the Radiant Light Body as we move to higher and higher levels of consciousness and healing.

Please note part 1 of the Radiant Light Body is a prerequisite before taking the other levels. I will be repeating part 1 again for anyone who missed it in November.

With Love and Healing,
Shimara Kumara