Newsletter August 2013

The Harmonic Frequencies of Oneness

Which harmonise and activate the Solar Light Body. These energies are also to help integrate the SLB to the physical body – thus anchoring the original Divine Blueprint into physicality. These new amazing frequencies have been given to me from the Elohim. This made so much sense to me when they appeared to me and gave me the information, energies and the activation process.

The Elohim are the Builders of Form, who stepped down all the universal creative energies to make manifest the physical Mother Earth, under the direction of Sanat Kumara in the beginning.

The Elohim are now assisting the process of helping mankind to release the darkness and density of negative patterning in the physical body. Thus helping towards the manifestation of the new, evolving purified body, and ultimately the 5th dimensional Crystalline Light Body.

Some of you may be old enough to remember when, almost 20 years ago, during the Divine Creation of the Light Body Essences, I was given from the universe an initiation process into the Crystalline Ray. I passed this energy onto many people at the time during MERKABA field workshops. This energy was to help bring back the remembrance of our original crystalline bodily structure, when we first incarnated on Mother Earth. At that early time, we were in an androgynous body, before we chose to be split into 2 sexes. We did this as an experiment so that we may experience duality consciousness. In that original body there was clarity on all the levels.

We still had complete spiritual connection and attunement to our Source, or Mother/Father God. We never, in truth, lost that connection which has always been held in the 3 fold flame which burns in our heart. However, as we started working with duality it created many ego patterns within us. As we developed emotions of fears, guilt, anger, greed, control, etc, we started to lose our attunement to our innate spirit. Our higher awareness, intuition and feelings of oneness to all creation were lost in the density of our new feelings which created a sense of separation from spirit. This period was called the “Fall of Humanity” in the bible.

In our original light body our structure was crystalline in nature, with bones which were transparent. Indeed, a few grains of those crystals are still apparent in our physical body even now – the last remnants of our light body.

The more steeped in matter we became, the more dense our bodies became.

Those of us who have been releasing our negative patterning are finding that the clearer we become mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we can still get the occasional bodily pain or even disease and illness. This is because the deepest levels of our consciousness and sub-consciousness are coming up for clearing. This is where the flower and gem essences are so vitally important to help us release our darkest energies.

I have been having some amazing results recently during my one-to-ones and telephone consultations with the essences. The unique karmic clearings have also been extraordinarily powerful for people. As we receive insights and knowledge on past lives we realise why we have physical problems or difficult relationships, etc. The “coincidences” from past lives to this life are often astounding, given that I have no personal knowledge of the situation. These sessions help transmute conscious patterns and can release karmic energies into out consciousness. These can be from childhood or pre-birth in the womb, picked up form the emotional state of the mother at that time. These can be past life energies or passed down through the family genes of generations. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT WE CHOOSE ALL OF THIS TO LEARN, GROW AND RELEASE. LIFE THEN BECOMES OUR GREAT TEACHER. WHATEVER THEMES WE ARE CLEARING WE BECOME A WONDERFUL TEACHER OF, AS WE FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT OTHERS ARE GOING THROUGH. WE CAN THEN BECOME OF TRUE DIVINE SERVICE TO OTHERS.

So that Crystalline Ray that I was blessed with, and passed onto others so many years ago, was a reminder of who we truly are. NOW I have been given another amazing new frequency which takes us to the next stage in our spiritual and physical journey. As everything happens at the Divine perfect time, this new energy is needed now. After the completion of humanities 25 year journey it is time for the new. On the Harmonic Convergence day on the 17th August 1987 the planetary energies formed an amazing planetary conjunction which heralded in the 25 year cycle. This cycle was to facilitate the raising of consciousness on the planet. The plan was that we would then be ready for a further 20 year cycle to even greater levels of love, honesty and creativity for ourselves, others and Mother Earth herself.

As that great shift of the ages happened on 21/22 December 2012, we now enter our next phase of 20 years during which time we will fully anchor our 5th dimensional consciousness. I was given this new initiation at the time of a new wave of energy which swept the planet on 29th July 2013. I received it when I was least expecting it; during the giving of healing at our sharing group evening. More than just an initiation, this is a process and an energy for healing the physical body. It creates a new matrix or Divine Blueprint which affects the body in a most positive way. I will be initiating and teaching how to work with this energy during my next Ray workshops.

Radiant Light Body

The initiations and teachings of this new energy comes in 3 stages. We start with the 1st part of the process and this is certificated. The 2nd and 3rd parts I will give on my later workshops. Please note if you feel guided to participate in Radiant Light Body you need to practise the column of light exercise regularly. The Merkaba meditation would also help to prepare you for this new frequency of Divine Light.

As we straddle the great divide from 3rd to our new 5th dimensional consciousness we need to learn to jump the dimensions. Being grounded enough to be able to anchor our higher levels into the new can be a challenge. It can also be great fun! Like the angels and the fairies, we need to learn to take ourselves lightly. Do grounded fun things; dance, read a good book, music, enjoying life whilst also being of Divine Service. GET THE BALANCE.

For instance, to balance our reading material we need to be discerning. This means letting go of regular newspapers, apart from POSITIVE NEWS (details below!) which helps us to stay in a good hopeful state. We also need to balance the heavy spiritual books with some joyful, happy or insightful novels which make for more relaxed reading. One writer who brings through much spiritual truth in what are essentially novels is Kathleen McGowan. I have enjoyed her trilogy of spiritual novels very much, as have many friends. Start with the first `The Expected One´, the eagerly awaited second one `The Book of Love´ and then the third `The Poet Prince´ published by Touchstone. Great summer reading!

The Dalai Lama’s Cat sounds good too and I am just about to start on it. I was told about this book after we found a booklet left by the nuns here in their 4000 book library! This one is called `What the Abbey Cat Saw´ and was published by the nuns. It relates to one of their own cats and gives insight into the nun’s way of life here at the Abbey. Unfortunately, I only have the one copy.

Another excellent book I am reading is about the emotional intelligence and loving nature of farm animals. This was sent to me as a gift (thank you James!) This beautiful book `The Pig Who Sang to the Moon´ by Jeffrey Masson will turn many meat (animal) eaters vegetarian as it appeals to our human heart and gives great insights into the similarities between animals and people.

Yoga for the Lower Back

With so many being subject to lower back pain, strain or sciatica, this is a wonderful course. Our friend Anita, a Iyengar Yoga Teacher introduced us to these very gentle and nurturing exercises for the lower back. This system was developed by B. K. S. Iyengar and is now being given in many parts of the country. This has proved very beneficial and a great adjunct to Eternal Light Healing. While we still have to work on the patterns that created the back problem e.g. fears, lack of support, etc, this is very helpful. A few of us here offered ourselves up in Divine Service (ha ha) as guinea pigs while Anita practised this new system on us, without any expectations. We were all delighted. For further information and for a list qualified teachers go to

We recently welcomed the first person to join Colin and myself in our life here – Miriam. We are delighted to have her here and enjoying the company, sharing the workload of such a huge place and extra healing shares. Last week we all went to QUEST, a very big Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition for this area. From our stand we were able to help many people with the essences and met so many heart centred folks. We had a great time ourselves and lots of fun! We networked and connected up with other Lightworkers. I made contact with a lovely girl doing animal communication and hopefully I will be working with her in the local animal rescue sanctuary. I have already offered donations of Bach flower essences to help release the trauma carried by rescue animals.

We have already sent a donation of Emergency Essence to a UK healing group working in Bosnia. The people at the centre there were so grateful for them as they recognised the bottles from my own work years ago in the refugee centres. The funny thing was they told the UK healers that another group took the same essences there years ago (which was us!) They mentioned how powerful they were and how much they had helped release the war trauma. Isn’t life wonderful!

Chakra Workshops

During the Chakra workshops we will be anchoring the 5th dimensional aspects and energy of our Solar Light Body. This will include the highest frequencies if light given by the Ascended Masters to transform blockages, open and balance the chakra, and the knock on effect this has on the other chakras. The new programming and patterning of Unconditional Love will eventually vibrate from all chakras, and we will be brought into alignment with our new DNA and raise our vibrational frequency, in accordance with Divine Will.

With Love and Healing,
Shimara Kumara