Newsletter February 2013

Rejoice & Celebrate 2013

Celebrate birthing the consciousness of Divine Love and Oneness for Mother Earth and all life, all humanity. It is done. We have achieved all that we desired at some level to fulfil our part in the highest and most profound experiment ever known in this universe. For mankind to have plunged to the depths of darkness and depravity and rise again into the light of Divine Love in such a short space of time (relatively) was an incredible undertaking. But we have made it and now there can be no turning back.

Even the Ascended Masters who helped to orchestrate this whole sacred transformation process were not sure that we would make it, having experienced the human condition themselves during their own incarnations on earth. Even those who are not yet awake to higher levels of consciousness breathed a huge sigh of relief as we passed our landmark day of 21st December 2012.

The divine aspect of self of each person on earth knows that we are now on a new path of light and love, since 22nd December. This was when the planet and all life upon her rose in frequency to the 5th Dimensional energies of Divine Unconditional Love. These energies are now held within the spiritual bodies of all humanity and Mother Earth. They are waiting now to infiltrate the lower auric bodies and therefore into the consciousness of the heart and mind.

The amount of time this infiltration will take to manifest is determined by each individual according to the Law of Freewill. However the impetus is there from the power of all lightworkers embodied on Mother Earth to now bring the new Christ Consciousness (Unconditional Love and Reverence for all Life) to the hearts and minds of all. This will take place in waves of light which are still flowing into the stratosphere of our sacred planet.

The amazingly powerful energies which were projected to us by the Divine Feminine Aspect of Mother/Father God on 12.12.12 anchored fully the new consciousness of reverence for the divinity of the female. This paved the way for the 21.12.12. It is interesting that many issues regarding the abuse of women are now very much to the forefront of the news and media. Today was Valentines day and huge gatherings took place around the world to honour the divine feminine. This was named 1 Billion Rising. This was also to bring world attention to the misuse and the abusive treatment of women the world over.

We can also see how mankind, en masse, is a huge rising tide to bring more understanding to help end these atrocities perpetuated upon women over millennia. The tide is already turning as we have now entered the next cycle which takes us into our hearts and our own Divine Feminine.

However, none of the maladies caused by humanities ego patterns can be transformed by our anger or desire for vengeance, but only by the Divine Love in our hearts. Now it is even more important to really focus on bringing our mind, thought, actions, and words to the consciousness of our hearts and Unconditional Love.

As now our thoughts manifest even more quickly than they have for the past few years. Many of us have been astounded by how quickly our thoughts have manifested recently. However, we have now, since 21.12.12, entered a new era of manifestation.

This is due to the fact that the enormous, unprecedented influx of Light on that day caused another few hours to be reduced from our manmade consciousness of time. As we know this has appeared to be speeding up for the past few years, hence the quicker manifestation of thoughts.

Each influx of Light, since Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, has created less “time” as we move towards the “timelessness” of the 5th dimension. Each sacred ceremony, each planetary alignment, solar flares, solar and lunar eclipses, created a further leap towards the future as we travelled through time. This works according to Universal Law, depending on the amount of consciousness raising or Unconditional Love is generated on earth with each event. We are now the closest we have ever been at any time in mankind’s history or in our own incarnations, to the instant manifestation which takes place in the 5th dimension. We have now but a few years until we fully manifest 5D on our sacred Mother Earth. However, the new spiritual Renaissance of Divine Love and Reverence for all Life starts now, WITHIN US. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

It is vitally important now, that as we all breath a sigh of relief for reaching 2013 and having made it this far, that we honour ourselves as the Light Force on earth. Hold yourself in the highest esteem, not from ego pride, but from the divine love in your heart. As those in the Heavenly Realms honour, love and respect us for all we have done and still do to start the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Take time for you. You deserve it.

The Sacred Space of the Heart

Most important now is to meditate every day. Create more silence so that you may hear you inner voice. For this will be vitally important in the coming years. To be able to follow your inner guidance under all circumstances means that you learn to trust your heart. This comes with sacred practice.

Once again I recommend my CDs, MERKABA MEDITATION and the TEMPLE OF THE HEART. These two meditations combined will ensure that you find your way home to the sacred space in the heart connected to all life everywhere. Complete the Merkaba meditation first. Then, when you get to the end in the gold light, move into your sacred space in the heart. This is the way to find and connect with the ONENESS held in our loving hearts. These two combined will strengthen your aura and bring calm, peace and more joy in life. Once we recognise that feeling of oneness with all creation we know that we cannot harm another for we will only harm ourselves. Oneness with all our brothers and sisters of humanity and all life everywhere means that we will automatically release thoughts that no longer serve our Highest Divine Good. Instead we become flooded with forgiveness, love, non judgement, compassion, tolerance and reverence for all life. And we know; THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I. This will start to happen automatically as we practise staying in the sacred space of the heart during meditation every day.

Once Experience

This is one of my experiences in the heart space, amongst many. These are quite common, once you have found the second space in your inner temple where you go into infinity.

During our regular healing sharing group here, I received a wonderful session on the couch and decided to just go to my Merkaba field and sacred space of the heart. As I did so and moved into the 5th dimensional heart space, I moved out from the earth and viewed our beloved mother from space, a long way out. At first all I could see was light so I moved in a bit closer and saw the light was like pin points. I connected in, in consciousness, and saw each pin point was a light, healing or sacred centre. Each centre was connected to other centres and this light created a very tight matrix around the earth. I was amazed as there was no room for darkness! There was light on all continents and islands. This was as real to me as anything and took my breath away. I zoomed in and came back into my body. Kuthumi was with me saying “never underestimate the power of love.”

What Happened on 21st Dec?

As Mother Earth became aligned with the Greater Central Sun, through the galactic centre of the Milky Way on 21.12.12, a celestial doorway opened. This enabled us to be flooded with the most powerful frequencies ever given by creation, Mother Father God, in this or any other Universe. Through this black hole these divine energies poured though space, bathing Mother Earth, humanity and all sentient beings for one full day. We cannot under estimate what occurred on that day. This particular alignment was a sacred opportunity to raise humanity up to the highest possible frequencies. This helps us prepare for our ascension process into the light of the 5th dimension to create Heaven on Earth.

Our group here in Devon, the groups connected with Eternal Light in many countries and all the thousands of other groups around the world anchored these sacred energies on behalf of all humanity. Thank you to all who used the sacred ceremony I channelled and published, you are loved and blessed beyond measure

I have all faith that having achieved our major accomplishment we are ready, willing and able to co-create with the Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters. We will return this beloved planet to her true, beautiful, purified self.

For the next three years we will be given the most wonderful and exciting opportunities by the Heavenly Realms. The Ascended Masters have promised to open all doors for us, to help complete the ascension process for us and all life on earth. Please, be very aware of any opportunity presented to you, while at the same time listening to the inner knowing in your open heart. This teaches us discernment so that we are always open to follow what feels right for us and is on our Divine Path.

Preparing for Ascension – A Return to Oneness

With great urgency I ask you all to read Drunvalo Melchizedek´s latest book THE MAYAN OUROBOROS published by Weiser Books. This book explains in easy to understand language how Mother Earth will go through the ascension process and the great pole shift. At least one of these and possibly both should happen anytime within the next three years. WE MUST ALL BE VERY AWARE AND WELL PREPARED FOR THIS AMAZING EVENT. This type of physical pole shift has not happened for 13,000 years since the time when Atlantis went down.

Please be aware that governments have kept this knowledge hidden to “stop people panicking”. This is why the Mayan Elders are now speaking out as they are totally heart centred and in the Oneness they see us as their brothers and sisters.

They are giving out the information we need now, which they have kept secret for millennia. This has been handed down from their own experiences and memories, through generation after generation.
Remember when I channelled Kuthumi over 20 years ago and he spoke of the days of darkness during this time of transformation. The sun, moon and stars disappear from the sky, just as he described in his Revelations gospel during his incarnation as John the Apostle. Since then I have often spoken about the need to stock up with candles, wind up torch, etc – they will be needed!!

The Mayan Elders are now releasing some of the ancient knowledge through Drunvalo. They reveal that the window of opportunity for this incredible event will take place at any time from now until the end of 2015. Our preparation is essential!

Please be aware however that this prediction is not set in stone. Many things could happen to take us to a much later date. So many Divine Dispensations have been given over the past years that, truly, anything could happen. So enjoy each day as a gift and treasure each moment.

Following on from information I gave in the last newsletter, much of which has been confirmed in the news media. Headlines a week ago included what happens when/if the solar flares destroy all the computerised systems. They emphasised that countries were not prepared for the total chaos that would ensue. Again, be prepared and trust you will be safe and protected!

The Need of the Hour

In preparation for the amazing events we have waited for for so long I have been guided to some new energies which will be vitally important for the coming times.

After Paramatman Light I will be discussing more details on the pole shift and our entrance into the 5th dimensional field. This will take place on both evenings along with any necessary channelling or exercises of light.

During the Chakra workshops we will be anchoring the 5th dimensional aspects and energy of our Solar Light Body. This will include the highest frequencies if light given by the Ascended Masters to transform blockages, open and balance the chakra, and the knock on effect this has on the other chakras. The new programming and patterning of Unconditional Love will eventually vibrate from all chakras, and we will be brought into alignment with our new DNA and raise our vibrational frequency, in accordance with Divine Will.

With Love & Healing,
Shimara Kumara