Newsletter July 2012

Exiting New Eternal Light
Ray of Divine Redemption

I am so very blessed and full of gratitude and love for this beautiful sanctuary that I am the guardian of, on an Earthly and Spiritual Level.
The vision I always had for a spiritual place of retreat and a small Eternal Light community has fully manifested. The Transformation here has been a work of love, joy and co-creation, together with Colin’s work in the garden & grounds and also other helpers who have visited.
It is ongoing as is the spiritual transformation of all who come here. The energy of Jesus & Mother Mary was very powerfully anchored already due to the contemplative nature of the Nuns who prayed and meditated every day. Since we were sent this sanctuary by the Universe, the other Ascended Masters have been anchoring their energies here also, so the high frequencies here encompass many different paths and faiths. Indeed the channellings from both Kuthumi and Jesus state that this is a portal for the Ascended Masters. This is now becoming for me a tangible reality, as they manifest in a fourth dimensional form often and I see them clearly, especially when I raise my vibration in meditation. El Morya, the Ascended Master whose role it is to help us release the will of the Ego and transform it into Divine Will, is also a frequent visitor, as is Lord Buddha and many others.

The latest sequence of events and Divine Synchronicities have led to the manifestation and anchoring of a New Sacred Eternal Light Ray, which it is my joy to pass on.
Jesus~Sananda is the Ascended Master of this Sacred Ray which he calls the RAY OF REDEMPTION.
This beautiful energy helps us to realise that we have always been seen as pure, innocent and realised beings by the Heavenly Realms. It is only our small ego which judges us at a personality level. We are already a part of the Ascended Masters through the love, wisdom and power of our I AM Presence. Indeed a part of all Creation. We are redeemed in the light of this new Ray, overseen by beloved Jesus. It is through his grace that we can finally see, feel and know with the heart that which we truly are, Divine Beings of Light having an Earthly experience which is unique in this Universe.

I feel that this new Ray will help us all in a very powerful and positive way to learn our new way of feeling, thinking and acting from the consciousness of the heart. It is now our time to let go of our fears and ego patterns coming from mis-alignment of the lower chakras and to totally trust our new way of being (which is not really new, it has always been there, we just forgot along the way!). Time now to remember who we really are as the ‘Strongest of the Strong’. I feel this new Ray will also help us to remember that we truly are Ascended Masters in the making, as they so frequently tell us, and to anchor this Divine Realisation fully in our hearts. I often said that we must practise, as They suggested, being an Ascended Master having an Earthly experience. This sacred Ray of Redemption will help to bring that practise to a higher level, making it easier to manifest more of our inner knowing and the truth of who we really are.
This new Ray is, of course, working on the Heart Chakra to help us manifest this truth of Universal Oneness with All Life, All Beings, All Humanity, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and, most especially, for ourselves.

The Gift ~ A Message Channelled From the Hathors

The most recent workshop channelling I did with the Hathors was called ‘The Gift’, and covered these issues:

We are the Gift of Love to the Planet & All Humanity. Our past life gifts & talents, our Compassion from the Three-Fold-Flame within our Hearts are for All Life, our beloved Mother Earth and also for Ourselves. We must love ourselves for all that we can offer and all that we can receive in return. We must always remember who we really are, a sacred gift to all life.

The Gift is truly our higher consciousness centred in the heart, in which we can create a new, positive and beneficial reality on our Mother Earth. As we move through the chaos being created on all the levels, IT IS NOW VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT WE START TO ACT, THINK & FEEL FROM THAT HIGH POINT OF THE HEART. Then we can create Heaven and not Hell, for ourselves and others. The duality on Earth, created by mankind’s lower consciousness, is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. The rich & the poor, the controllers & the controlled, the greed & the poverty, are all becoming examples to be held up to the light for trans-formation. Indeed, we can see many outward signs of this movement towards truth, honesty & justice taking place. The depths of depravity and distortion of truth the media are capable of is being exposed and highlighted in the Murdoch case. The idea of Fair Trade was birthed in the 80’s, but only now is it commonplace to see fairly traded organic fruit and vegetables & other commodities in our supermarkets. In the past these visions have taken decades to to come to “fruition”! Now we have a wonderful opportunity as a global community to create a beautiful future for Mother Earth & All Humanity.
This is because the consciousness of humanity as a whole is moving more into the frequencies of the Heart, with all that this entails. We must focus our complete attention now on starting to think and feel from the heart – this is really the only way we can transform all outer manifestations of the lower controlling ego.
Drawing out unbalanced emotions from the lower chakras is a very necessary art for us to learn, especially now as we are manifesting thoughts-feelings so quickly. The Message I was given by Jesus/Sananda on Christ-Mass day, was that we can expect extreme volatility in the weather patterns this year. It can change, minute by minute, day by day & week by week. No more “Seasons”. One minute sun, next rain or hail or snow. Extreme winds, storms, hurricanes, more volcanic activity and earthquakes. We have seen these weather patterns manifesting all over the world. What sounds like a recipe for disaster is all a natural part of the planetary shift. Part of the great transformation of Mother Earth & all life ever to be seen. We must release fears and feel a certain excitement instead. So we cannot fight it or we will feel the natural consequences in our physical, emotional and mental bodies. The stress involved in fighting anything has too many qualities to list, nor does it ever manifest the desired result. Suffice to say, the only ‘real’ way to transform things is to change our reaction to what goes on around us. Change can only come from within ourselves since we cannot change others, only our emotional/mental reactions to outside influences. It is the quality of our responses that have the most far reaching effects. It is the same if we would like to see more love & kindness in others, if we wish to save the planet & to stop wars. First, the war within ourselves must end, before we can create our highest visions.


The Venus Transit gathering, which took place in early June was enjoyed by those who attended, judging by all the thank you cards we received afterwards.
There was much space and time devoted to healing sharing. My guidance was for each person to have three sessions each, as this can make a great shift in our energy. This, combined with four evenings of Paramatman Light for consciousness raising, ensured that each person had the most powerful experience possible. Many told me afterwards that on their return home there was much more peace and harmony in the family as well as in themselves. We all rose at 6am to watch the transit of Venus across the sun and despite the weather being against us, after praying to the devas to move the clouds, two tiny windows of light opened up to bless us. Everyone enjoyed all the good organic food, (especially the meringues, strawberries and cream!). Much joy and fun was enjoyed by the group with a powerful sense of Oneness, which was beautiful.
I will be repeating a gathering to embrace the wonderful energies being sent to MOTHER EARTH ON THE 12TH OF DECEMBER 2012 – 12.12.12. THE 12TH WILL BE A VERY SPECIAL DAY FOR MEDITATION AS ALL ENERGY WORK WILL BE AMPLIFIED THOUSANDS OF TIMES OVER. The Angelic Realms will be working overtime, projecting to us all extremely powerful frequencies of light. This will help to raise all humanity to the highest energy possible, in preparation for the SACRED DATE OF 21.12.12. NO, IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD BUT THE BEGINNING OF A SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE, WHICH WE WILL ALL HAVE THE JOY OF SHARING AND STARTING TO RECREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Aotearoa ~ New Zealand


Here at Heartsong we will now be stocking this new and exciting range of flower & gem essences that are uniquely NZ. Having been involved at the start of this new venture , and since then taking more of a back seat, I must say that the whole process has brought me great joy. These very special plants are only found in New Zealand and they carry the frequency of ancient Lemuria. There is a special gentleness in the Essences but at the same time they are subtly powerful.
The signature of the New Zealand trees & plants is one of a wider, inclusive Family Connectedness; the Oneness of Unconditional Love and Peace ~ Sacred Qualities the Ancient Peaceful Waitaha Nation called Aroha and Rongomaraeroa ~ their code of living. From our research and trying these Essences on many people we found that individuals do not seem to have extreme responses but rather they work unobtrusively, on many subtle levels.
Available now is a set of Unique NZ Chakra Essences, which can be ordered from Heartsong. Each 30ml bottle is £12, and a full set of Seven is £70.

With Love & Healing,
Shimara Kumara